Most Powerful Tantra Peeth KAMAKHYA DEVI in Assam, Guwahati.

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There are 51 shakti peethas in different parts of India as well as in Pakistan, Nepal & Sri Lanka. The Kamakhya Shakti Peeth is considered as the most powerful shakti peeth, as yoni (vagina) of Goddess Sati had fallen on the Neelanchal parvat i.e. the Nilgiri hills, following splitting of the Goddess dead body. Since everyone comes to this world through ‘yoni’ that is why this place is considered as the center point of creating the whole Brahmand.

This shaktipeeth temple is situated on the hill in the Guwahati City in Assam, India. Located merely 4Km from the railway station & 18Km from the airport, the temple complex is dedicated to Ten Mahavidyas i.e. Bhuvaneshwari (at maximum height), Baglamukhi, Chinnamasta, Tara, Kali, Bhairavi, Dhumvati, Tripur Sundari, Matangi & Kamla. The three Devi i.e. Tripur Sundari, Kamla & Matangi reside inside the main temple dedicated to Kamakhya. The most important part of the temple is the ‘Garbhagriha’ which is a cave below almost 20 feet from the ground level. The ‘Garbhagriha’ is small, dark and reached by narrow steep stone steps.

The Sanctum is actually a cave, which consists of no image, but a natural spring that flows through, a yoni shaped cleft in bedrock, covered all the way with a big silver dome on which flower mala, sindur, chunri, sari, prassad etc are offered by the pujari sitting there. The sacred water coming through yoni shaped rock is considered as the most powerful Jal, which if taken regularly after having darshan, gives moksh to the bhakt. Most of the rishis like Vasishth, Vamakhepa, Vishwamitra, Bhardwaj, Ramkrishna Paramhans etc came here for having this spiritual Jal for getting Moksha. The Goddess is worshipped according to both Vamachar as well as Dakshinachar modes of worship.

Most Powerful Tantric Peeth: Apart from Ten Mahavidya temples, there are shiva temples also there named Kotilinga Mahadev, Kameshwar Mahadev, Sidheswra Mahadev but not in idol form. So here yoni and linga is worshipped which is must in Tantric pooja. So it is very popular saying that no tantric is complete without visiting the Kamkhya Temple. Since this is the most powerful tantric peeth, animal sacrifices is a must for getting tantric siddhis. Animals includes male small goats, buffalo etc The temple attracts lacs & lacs of tantric devotees in an annual festivals known as Ambubachi Mela, Manasha Puja etc

Kanya Pujan: For Vedic Sadhak Kanya Pujan, Kanya bhojan is a must apart from offering Puja to Kamakhya Devi as per vedic methods.

Other temples in Guwahati: It is old belief that before offering prayer to Ma Kamakhya, the bhakt must visit Umanand Bherav situated in center of Brahmputra river near fancy bazar. You must visit Sukreswar Mahadev, Bhimashankar Mahadev, Vashist Kund, Navgraha Temple, Tirupatti Balaji temple and Anapurna Temple in Rangia.