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Setting the bar for a group discussion in forum... things to consider posted from a more progessive site.

I wish to apologize for not having the time to set things here in proper motion, life is what happens on our way to doing something else. It is the journey that makes all the difference in being. First off right here from the start you should know that I am not one to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water where all religion or ingrained belief systems are concerned. So often we hear that religion is dead and one need only look at extablished christianity to know that this is true and all the harm most recently done in the name of far right extremism under the Bush administration where the ends justify the means; all that talk of evil doers etc, etc, ad nauseam designed to appeal to the lowest common denominators of fear and hate. Nostradomus said it well when he wrote, “The village idiot takes the thrown, all good people die now” yet in some strange perverse fashion I would suppose we get what we deserve for allowing this to happen here in the 21st century for christ sake, what is this, the age of un~enlightenment? Where elections can be stolen right under our noses and we allow this to happen. Doesn't say much for the future of democracy. We can make a difference, not all the money in the world, elections backed by corporations can stop the voice of freedom and liberation from being heard. But I digress.

Here our task is simple, if indeed as it is said everyone loves the Tao then why is this so? And more over, if the Tao truly means all things to all people, what then does it mean for you? Is it a worthy practice or not and if so, how would we go about it? But before you answer this, there are a few things that I would like for you to consider. I have heard it expressed here that long dead traditions are of no value within this community and I find that statement more than a little disconcerting. First off it implies that there is nothing of value to be learned from our forbearers, that we are in some unknown or magic(k)al way beyond all of that. But what of the adaptive methods of present moment existence such as put forth in sufi or taoist teachings, are these as well of no intrinsic value? And what is it that we would propose to be morphing into? Children of the stars? awaiting some presupposed great shift into what? A great universal awakening all at once due to some cosmic realiegnment? A new enlighentment? please tell me you didn't fall for that one hook line and sinker.

Certainly it is understandable that as traditions have fractured into endless subsystems of belief and practice such teachings do appear to become dead and lifeless overly moralistic and judgemental, but then that is the nature of society. It is the desire to be relevant and to fit that compels to leap from first one system of belief to another seldom to linger for very long before we grow restless or disenchanted and move on to next greatest thing on the spiritual market. Certainly it is good to gather a wild breadth of understanding and knowledge so that we can speak with intelligence about our hopeful ventures into the unknown, but there should come a time or perhaps it is a time that has already past where you get a true taste of what it means to be awakened. And then the question arrises, “What next?” Could it be that this moment is not the end of anything as so many would have us to believe, but merely the true beginning of actual learning with eyes open? It is something to consider, and perhaps that is why this process has been referred to as self-mastery. Waking up is not the end of anything.

I might say even through our darkest hours there is hope for the way ahead ~ inner openness is.

from the archieves:

Eros ecclesia Spiritualis
Revelations reveal
Archetypical Metamorphosis
Receptivity to spirit
Less anima complecti complexus

Original natural reality
fire that burns
fire that heals
Return of the real
yin fire is restless
yang fire is true
when yin culminates
yang is born
light enters into the earth
a compainion comes
reversing the path
creative energy is born

Fire with Fire

Energy of open Illumination
Embracing Fire with Fire
Inner illumination
outwardly expressed requires
Constancy of development
We turn the light around
to shine within
with flexible receptivity
We nurture inner illumination
preserving truthfulness
both inward and outward
combine to produce
the fire of One Illumination
yin within yang
Fire embracing the female
A thousand illuminations

Joined Mountains

One moutain joins another
immutably stabilized
in the right way
all thoughts rest
in their proper place
Responding to all things
ten thousand mountains
are joined
harmonious and peaceful
able to refine the self
and master the mind
as steady as a mountain
how many know the One?
and can think without
changing places
always upright
persistent in the path
from beginning to finish
complete all task
with no forced effort
by this one attainment alone
both action and stillness arise
from genuine intent

Wind Blowing Fire

Within the human body
vitality, spirit, soul,
psyche, and intent
are like people
in the home
when the mind
is illumined
all are transformed
into guardian spirits
of truth in confluence
with heaven and earth
illumination grows
from receptivity
sadness, joy,
anger and happiness
are harmonious
in balance
using openness
to seek fulfillment
true nature
like wind
blowing fire

Rising Up

Accumulate virtue
study widely
with serious intent
everyday improve
precedents of speech
with action
To emulate
the sages of yore
question earnestly
think for yourself
fulfill nature
reach the meaning of life
stable as a mountain
permanent as heaven
strong in stillness
resting in the highest good

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full circle

According to Master Hakuin, “Although you may have seen the way clearly, if your power of shining through is not strong enough, you may be blocked by inherent and chronic afflictions, and will not be free and independent in both agreeable and adverse situations.”

“This is the Great Perfect Mirror knowing… the first stage of inspiration; you can discern the source of eighty thousand doctines, with their limitless subtle meanings, all at once… no principle is not complete.” Yet, “because one's power in the way is weak and one's perception of reality is not perfectly clear, the Great Perfect Mirror wisdom is associated with the easterly direction and called the Gate of Inspiration.”

“Without this practice, after awakening, many people who have seen realilty miss the boat.”

“Four Ways of Knowing of an Awakened Person”

“Excellence or inferiority in learning to comprehend essence and life is all a matter of finding out principle.”

“When there is no doubt or confussion at all, only then is this true knowledge and clear vision.”

“Indeed, the work of investigating principle is no small matter.”

The Taoist I Ching

Great perfect mirror
awakening is
not an idea
but a time when
the knowing essence
becomes manifest

From recent introductions...

Yet, even if you have the faith of a mustard seed and can move mountains and we are never given more than our spirit can bare witness to… still there are hurdles in life that each of us in our own way must cross. Getting off measage here was not my intention, having been a forum moderator for perhaps 10 years or more has taught me if one can not be creative in the moment then absolutely we can be informative at least through this on going celestial practice. Though it leaves little or no room for ready discourse. The words and sayings of sages originate from an open perspective that does not allow for confussion in being with suchness that is. This is our birth right yet the more we speak of it the less we seem to understand. What I find most disturbing about the prevailing spiritual landscape is this abtuse sense of entitlement that appears to go along with it, not to mention this notion that enlightenment, depending on how we define it, is the unequivocal cure for all our ills, when quite often the opposite is more likely the case. It is a relatively simple matter for one to produce an enlightened state in expanded awareness where the truth of who we are becomes abundantly clear, it is without a dought the most evolutionary freeing experience that throws everything into proper perspective. Yet we have been so misinformed for all our lives that when ever we hear that some one has become awakened into an illuminated present moment awareness, out immediate reaction is to say, 'Yea, prove it.' Becasue we expect miracles. But it isn't like that, not at all. Yes we are suddenly privy to a universal pool of awareness in understanding that supersedes our mundane existence and this singular experience will change our life forever. However, the environment in which we live hasn't changed.
Jung speaks of two basic forms of awakening. One is to be produced within the safty of a perscribed group setting being whipped up to a spiritual fervor where any number of participants can be said to exhibit supernatural insights or awareness. But this form must be repeated and is difficult to sustain for any extended period of time, which keeps participants coming back for more. Not unlike the trance states to be achieved on drugs at a rave or the free will pentecostal induced frenzy of speaking in tongues. The effect is basically the same. The other is far less common and more difficult to attain, yet the effect is far more permanent according to Jung. And from my own personal experience on this one point I would have to agree. Yet it isn't a goal to be strived for and at the same time in a strange way, it is, because it arrives without being summoned and is so simple every child understands it.
Wish that I had more time to draw up predominate comparisons regarding reverberations that cross concentric circles of agreement without question. But this will have to wait. As for my momentary lapse into poetic regression above, I realize that so much of what I've said can be misconstrued as having regret but nothing could be further from the truth… consider that the suffering is not for regret, but that the physical so often must affect our success within the temporal.

Years lost spent in deep suffering
or a life less remarkable ~ who you are?
What was it worth to be or not be?
Now life comes full circle.

Toltec Logic | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 16:24
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thoughtful forgetting

There was a time once not so long ago where once

you had a dream that anything was possible

but life did not turn your way as once

you had hoped it might be and in this land

of thoughtful forgetting something was lost

and something is remembered a life

that might have been almost was

but for a moment slipped away

out of memory not quit forgotten.

A dream that almost was?

Years lost spent in deep suffering

or a life less remarkable ~ who you are?

What was it worth to be or not be?

Now life comes full circle.

Toltec Logic | Sat, 02/06/2010 - 16:34
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Question of Awakening

In my experience trauma has an up side or silver lining in directing

our fate if we are able to let go and move beyond

that which is in the past to accept

what cann't be changed.

We may not be able to alter physical

obstructions born from heart stopping trauma, but if we survive

to fight another day with determined effort over time we may see

that this effort has made us stronger or set into motion a series

of events that otherwise would not have been possible. So yes,

trauma can produce greater strength of faith under the right

circumstances. If I hadn't lost my leg in the summer of 1967 or

suffered the effects of progressive internal obstructions as a direct

result of preexisting conditions so completely exacerbated by three

amputations that I would be effectively robbed of any symbolism

of a normal existence, I would not have been compelled to search

for my own solutions ultimately to culminate in my own "Walden"

experiment in 1977 that would change my life forever, giving me

the strength of my convictions to persevere in the face of

insurmountable odds.

Here again we are seeing only the beginning of a long and difficult journey in learning and adaptation. It is one thing to awaken but something else entirely when we bring this to light in unsympathetic environments. Yes it is fair to say that my life had its challenges leading up to that early spring in 1977. And alhough I didn't realize this at the time, I had been conducting a rather intensive meaningful recapitulation; to borrow a term from Castaneda. To be only 21 years of age I had seen hardships and twist of fate enough to fill a lifetime, and don't think for a moment that I wasted any time lamenting the loss of a leg. Other than the occassional skin irritation that was the least of my problems. In point of fact, in many ways it had been a true blessing in disguise. It broke the basic insecurities of being a hopeless class clown and gave to me the confidence to make something out of my former aimless existence for which I can be greatful.

We are known by and through our history to the ones we know and love, and yet in many ways it is this very familiarity that holds us back from breaking the reigns of our all to human temproral condtioning. Yet it can be as simple as turning over the palm of one's hand as we awaken to our original being. So simple, Why didn't we see this before? However, depending on who and where we are in the moment of our awakening this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Gibran wrote that, “Wisdom stands on the street corner and calls to us above the multitude, but we deem her a thing without worth and dispise them that follow her.” Also it can be said that, “Anyone foolhearty enough to proclaim publically and inner alligence with an idenity that no one else believes in is simply asking for trouble they well deserve for senseless lack of discretion. In worlds where the majority vote is otherwise cast the life of such a seeker may be made very unpleasant, that is only to be expected.” W.G. If my life had been a dicohotomy before this transition, afterwards it was certain to become the paradox of an enigma within a dichotomy. But it wasn't until the third day of my deep south small town bible belt inquisition that I would learn the true immensity of my mistake. Ram Dass said it most clearly in his pivotal work “Be Here Now”. He said to be careful of sudden awakening and if you should find yourself being compeled to share this new found freedom of joy with the world ~ don't. Perhaps Gibran said it best when we wrote, “And when a man hears the call of his heart and the cry of his spirit, we say that such a one is possessed of a madness and we cleanse ourselves of him.” I am reminded of a term coined by Caroline Myss who might call this 'spiritual madness'. Early transpersonal psychology simply refers to such sudden awakenings as a 'spiritual emergency'. But the description I like best is from Jung who simply refered to this as “a moment of deadliest peril.” End of story. It is in fact our moment of truth where we are given a choice to either turn back in an attempt to reclaim our former mundanity or to sever all ties with it. But we know in our heart there can be no going back and why would we want to? This is where the truth in Taoist practice comes in quite handy, that is if we are fortunate to have access to its present moment teachings. We are advised that yes there may indeed come a day when we are capable of this successful transition into awakened being, but until then we would be well advised to continue the cultivation of this virtue in hidden practice. Otherwise if we should hasten death we may very well find we end up in a perpetual state of ineffectual nihilistic quietism. True mastery has this price for admission. Unfortuanately for me, I would not be granted this luxury of hidden cultivation in advance practice. My life had become an open book, the proverbial cat was out of the bag and there would be no putting this genie back in the bottle. It was at the height of this 3 day intensive inquisition that I quite naturally chose to enter college in search of like minded souls and was soon to discover that I would be given an education that money couldn't buy. Yet inspite of it all, the constant sub rosa ridicule and childish hazing by both administration and faculty alike I would go forward to attain a departmental scholarship in art.

“When practioners of the Tao are among the masses, if they use their illumination too much, they will startle the ignorant and amaze the worldly, easily bringing on abuse and slander. Therefore they deal with the masses by acting unobtrusively even though they are in fact illumined.”
The Taoist I Ching

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

Toltec Logic | Thu, 02/11/2010 - 18:08