More precisely, time is simply memory

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Krishnamurti said time is mind.

This is too abstract and therefore not transformsative in the case of most people.

It should be analyzed more closely and more specifically.

I say time is memory.

This you can easily verify in direct personal experience.

You are familiar with the following: You meet someone with which you had close relationship many many years ago. You have this remarkable feeling that it is like it was yesterday. You start speaking about old times and during your talk all the years in between and the happenings and changes that took place in these years temporarily vanish from your memory as if they have never happened. It is now you and him and your joint distant past memories. Are you familiar with such a case?

Next time it happens be aware while it happens to the time gap of the years that instantly vanishes with the memory.

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A mystic report

This is really an excellent exercise. Memory vanished -> time vanished.

When such an encounter happens with the years in between vanishing (btw, it is not always so, it is usually in case of many years without contact) - note that your mental capabilities return more or less to those you had the last time you met, even if you were a child then. It is quite astonishing. Your all "I" is transforming back to the one of many years ago. And what is more astonishing is that your physical appearance in the eyes of the old encounter also changes to what it used to be then despite the fact that you have matured and grown up during the years. The physical vision that your body transmits to the perception of the old friend is also transforming to that which was many years ago as if the years did not pass. This happens only if you experience the disappearance of the time period as described in the original post.

banana | Sun, 03/20/2011 - 05:08