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Here I wants to focus more on Blogs.
In older day writing was seen as art own by writer’s only .They was writing with special god gifted hearts having ability to see beyond limits highlighting lots of sensitive felling from hearts .They are keep writing for long time then they published it if having money or got sponsor if any .With copy write act writer get money for survival and further work.
Some Of them having very nice , innovative super thoughts gone in hide with some unlucky writers. Some of them are not able to see the action response of their novels or books due to less and slow communication medium at that times.
Now good writer are limited to news paper or some magazine only. In news papers you can read only ,you can’t express and got response on it due to its limitation and lengthy process.

Now a day this writing ,expressing thoughts comes through the blog. Which is now become , most effective ,very fast responding, handy, open , effective medium. More importantly its totally free. People are now getting addiction of its. As per me it will not free one day in feature and there will be law for publishing blog and comments on it , also may be with copy Wright act .
Behind any popularity there are very common human desires.
The most important which makes it more popular now a day are here.
Temptations to receive good comments from others, what’s other says for us and To Get quick and fast fame by come in notice. But blog should be free from any kind of revenge .

Thoughts and human mind are every human’s individual property like natural air .You can’t impose any restriction on its .Its good to have some guidelines for it. But we as a user can’t make it .Its works of site administrator .Yes we can give suggestion for it for improvements .
Peoples react according to their age group and maturity.
As per Newton’s low Every action have its reaction .If you react in improper manner , or hurt some one’s feelings on blog you will receive it reaction .This may result in chain reaction in some cases. In Some case its inspire for better or new. Or in some cases become good friends .
We should never under estimate anybody and respect others thoughts. We should never self assessment our intellectuality .What we thinks may not think by other or other have experience on it ,or what we thinks other may be master on that subjects.