A moment

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A Moment

Just for a moment
Leave the smallness behind.
Smallness is an open grave
That begs you, 'come hither'.
Smallness is a prison cell
Where meals are delivered on time.

The Earth rolls out a carpet
Of green before you
And the stars a crown
And you think you know what you are
And you seek in vain
For freedom from your own delusion
Of smallness.
It can never be.

For just a moment
Let yourself fall
Into the heart of the world.
Let it embrace you
And nourish you
As your essence
Not the desolate creature
You pretend to be.

Life can feed you
Or life can bleed you dry
How shall it be?
You are the starlight
And yet you stub your toe
And curse the darkness.
You are the awesome dread
Of an approaching storm
And yet a crack of thunder
Makes you catch your breath.

The wonder is not
That you are so wondrous
But that you can think
You are so small
And believe in reflections.
In mirrors.

While your mind is wrapped in pettiness
Your heart is soaring with the wind
It has always been so
And you do not know this
Because you cannot know
You can only sense it's endlessness
It's openness and boundlessness
It's vulnerable, tender freedom
Hopelessly unconstrained
and undirected
And this frightens you.

It frightens me too.
But just a moment
Is enough.
There are journeys
From which one never truly returns
Quite the same.
I wish you bon voyage.

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Take a step

You are alone in this. Nobody can do this with you. Nobody could *ever* do this with you.

Take a step out onto the open road.

And then the next.

And then the next.

And then the next.

And then the next...


Omkaradatta | Fri, 09/26/2008 - 17:42