Moksha Gyan & Yoga Siddha International

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Our Sankalpa or Goals are as follows:
*Provide Further Medium for the International Organization of Siddha Traditions.
*Increase Awareness of the Siddhas with our activities.
*Provide resources for Initiation, Pragmatic Instruction, and Sadhana in the Perfected Yogic Sciences of the Siddhas.
*Raise Money for further Organization, to Build Internationally - Siddha Temples, Ashrams, and Centers for Perpetuating the Goals of the Siddhars and the Yoga Siddha International Trust. (i.e. as mentioned above and below)
*Simple acts of Service - as taught by the Siddhars to be the Reflection of the Ultimate Fundamental Truth of Unity - acts of Loving Kindness and Simple Humanity not limited to: *Feeding anyone and Everyone, providing shelter, and Increasing Worldwide Awareness thus perpetuating Greater Harmony and Well Being in the world through Consciousness. It takes Awareness first, as a preliminary to Conscious (Harmonious) Behavior in Individuals, Societies, and the World.

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