Modern truth seeker does not loose himself in labyrinths of philosophy

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The intricate maze of philosophy of different schools of thought claims to clarify matters and reveal the truth, but in fact they create confusion where no confusion need exist.
To understand anything there is a need to understand the invisible substance and witness of the experience of duality or mind.
Why worry,about the physical body,ego,world,god,religion,scriptures and yoga when they are unreal on the base of the true self or Ataman. Scriptures first create confusion and then explain. Why all these details about ego, reason, intellect, creation and creator? Has anyone seen Ataman or spirit by practicing religion or yoga or indulging in god glorification? Do they really exist as real when the seeking mind becomes aware its formless non dual substance or Ataman? All these confusions are conceptual divisions invented by the teachers of philosophy by their excessive analysis. Where do all these concept end? why confusion should be created and then explain?
The modern truth seeker does not loose himself in the labyrinths of philosophy,he adopts FORMLESS SPIRITUALITY and discovers and realizes the Ataman is the true self and experiences of duality is mere illusion on the standpoint of Ataman as self.