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One of the great advantages to recall our past lives is to participate in very sacred ancient rituals in which man has felt very connected to our planet.
My communion with our Mother Earth has had amazingly beautiful harmonious health benefits, for me and my people.
Our modern world has made us be time slaves. In ancient times this wasn’t so. Human beings were more intimacy connected with all the kingdoms of our planet. We were much more life oriented than we are now, so our emotions for our survival was acuter and much more reliable. Almost everybody participated in our salutation to the sun. Recently science has found out that the energy of sunrises is quite beneficial for our bodies, minds and spirits.
I am not ashamed to confess that I have always been a sun worshiper. I have tried to listen to my spirit much more than to my very logical mind and because of this I’ve been extremely lucky to have experienced wonderful attuning experiences with our planet, Nature, the planets , stars even galaxies.
Evert time you have the golden opportunity to salute our sun do it please. It is amazingly indescribable to be waiting for the sun to rise. To feel the morning wetness of the dew, and then the red, orange and yellow colors of this sunrise is food for our souls. This is when we really feel very connected with the Universe’s great healing energies.
Bt spreading our arms and legs making a five point star we welcome the sign to the EAST where the real power comes from, the we take three deep breaths and allow our inspiration to say prayers to God. Unwritten prayers are the best. Allow our bodies to sway as we are standing up admiring our sunrise, then as we finish we bring our left hand to our chest and our right hand to our chest make a bow to the EAST. Close our eyes for a few seconds and feel how our DIVINITY surrounds us. Our inner peace increases and we feel very grateful to be alive and to have many opportunities to help our brothers and sisters this day.

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sun worshipping

i too adore the sun..

thoughts | Sun, 09/06/2009 - 15:31
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Strong ritual

Yes, this is a strong ritual. I have done something similar. You will not find logical explanations and you do not need, of course. Non-spiritual skeptics as well as spiritual skeptics may lightly dismiss it - disregard and do not miss it if it happens to take place near you.

Annie | Sun, 09/06/2009 - 17:21