Mingle yourself

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Mingle yourself! - this is an important rule for a businessman when attending a business event.

This is also an important rule for a spiritual person.

But in the spiritual sense, it does not mean shaking hands, chattering, babbling, exchanging business cards. It means unleashing your energy field to mingle with the world. Instead of contracting, extending. Instead of being closed, opening. Instead of separateness, letting your aura to overlap and interact with other auras in the world.

Just let your aura to open by simply telling it: mingle! It is frightening, it is annoying, it means losing control and authority. Nevertheless, tell your aura: mingle!

Then, all sorts of strange things will happen. The strangest will be a temporal loss of your individual identity, of your separate sense of "I". You are identified with your body's energy. Before you let it mingle, it had been well separated and defined - now that it is part of the whole energetic field - where do "you" start and where do "you" end?

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Not a myth anymore

This is true. Simply playing with the aura is easy and very effective.

Many times, problems we think are psychological turn to be energetic noises from the surroundings. There are very rare cases in which we have an isolated problem. In such cases it is better to control temporarily the openness of the aura.

Aura, chakras and the interactions between auras are not a myth or an assumption anymore. Many scientific experiments were conducted with fascinating results including the understanding why someone is more lovable and charismatic although is not good looking at all (big and strong aura), the frequencies correlations between auras that communicate etc. And there are these cameras that depict the auras so that you are not required to believe those who claim they see the auras.

Tania | Wed, 07/20/2011 - 02:07
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Never isoltae yourself

This is extremely important. There are many minds who exploit spirituality to further isolate themselves, who misinterpret spiritual concepts like oneness in order to abstain from acknowledging the otherness that exists in the relative reality we are living in, who just aggravate their loneliness out of fear.

Someone told me this a few years ago and I didn't realize its importance back then: spirituality is useless if your heart remains closed, if you do not seek to experience love first. With bliss, understanding, stillness you can wait for realization, not with love, not with mingling with others.

And of course all these acts of opening have energetic counterparts and supernatural counterparts, especially love.

joy | Wed, 07/20/2011 - 02:41
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Energy must flow......

Sharing your joys and love with openess is very much important....energy must flow.More you share more you will get it back.

bonya basu | Wed, 07/20/2011 - 17:18