Mind? Seat of the mind ? Is mind conscious ? Attributes of mind ?

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Mind-stuff is made of a highly rarefied matter or Satva substance in the elements. Gossamer-like it spreads in the body with its tentacles deeply rooted in the senses, working through sense-organs. Its base also goes far above, rooted as it is in the universal or cosmic mind chid-akash. It serves as a link between the material body and the conscious spirit or soul in the body which is enlivening both the mind and the body. Like fire, it is a good servant but a bad master.
The seat of the mind in the body is in the eyefocus as that of the soul, but slightly towards the right corner of the left eye while that of the soul is slightly towards left corner of the right eye.
Is mind conscious ?
No, the mind by itself, is not conscious. It is the consciousness of the soul that the mind reflects.
Mind has four facets or attributes; to wit:
1.Chit. It may be likened to a lake in which countless streams of impressions are imperceptibly pouring in all the time
2.Manas. It is the thinking faculty of the mind which cogitates over such impressions as rise on to the surface of the lake in the form of ripples and waves just as the breeze of consciousness blows over the waters of the chit-lake and sets in motion an endless chain of thoughts one after the other.
3.Budhi or intellect. It is the faculty reason, ratiocination, discrimination and finally decision, after considering the pros and cons as presented by the manas. It is the grand arbiter that tries to solve the problems of life which come before it.
4.Ahankar or ego. It is the self-assertive faculty of the mind for it likes to assume credit for all the acts done, and thus prepares a rich harvest of karmas that keep one moving up and down in giant Wheel of Life.