Mind is Root of Illusion

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Any verbal formulation is not true save when it indicates something observable. The observed will have to be in relation to sensory inputs for only they are taken as proof. Mental constructs being subjective if not correlated with sensory input are considered imagination.
While Vedanta accepts sensory inputs to be proof it says that Truth can be cognised directly. In this case too it is the interpretation of mind that is rejected.
Hence we see that between the body and Truth arises something called mind which is the cause of all illusions. The only way to rein it in is to either reject all thoughts or to pay attention to the sensory input. Observation must in no case be made into an analysis or selective based on prejudices.
Mind is the most active element yet it functions as per its own whim and likes to spend time in what could be called imagination. There is another alternate and that is to use its power to understand based on the Teachings of Tradition. Here it is not left to be free with its own imagination but deals with facts clothed in a language that would indicate an observable fact and at the same time by constructively channelling of energy prevent imagination.