The mind isn't yours

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In spirituality, we're looking to see what we are, what is ours and what belongs to us. Part of this 'looking' is to consider -- what am I, really?

When we look at the body, we see only inter-dependence. There is no independence for the body, it relies on food, clothing, shelter and other things from outside.

With the mind, not only is it NOT independent, or even interdependent -- it doesn't even belong to you!

Who invented the alphabet, who invented all these words? Who gave you your first and last name? All this that you may consider 'you' -- your name, those concepts you hold dear, not only are they NOT you, they aren't even yours! They all came from outside, from others.

Language in particular is a 'lowest common denominator' type thing, that came about by default so all people could communicate. To define oneself by words is ridiculous. Use language as a tool to communicate, not to self-define. You are not a first or last name, and you are not any of these concepts. They are truly from elsewhere, they came upon you from outside and are foreign to your nature.

The body is not ours either, although it's 'a body' and is fine if we don't identify with it. It's the same as all other bodies. Really, we don't even see our bodies most of the time... they constitute a picture in the mind or "self-image", which is again from outside, external to us -- it constitutes what we believe others think of "us" (our body).

Discover what's really 'you', if anything, what belongs to you, what can't be given and therefore cannot be taken away. Whatever that may be, it's real.

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This morning there were

This morning there were thoughts arising about what you are saying regarding the mind not being personal. Isn't that true regarding the body as well. I was thinking that this body which is not me or who I am , I have referred to as my body.
Or the mind that is in me as my mind. The thoughts that arise are not my thoughts or the feelings my feelings. So who or how did I ever come to think anything was mine ? Just because the body and mind are in awareness doesn't make them mine. The heart beats because there is life beating it regularly so it has nothing to do with a " me." Yes there is inter-dependence.
No one claims the electricity or gas that runs in your home or apartment is yours. Don't pay your electric or gas bill and see what happens. Even the house you claim to own is not yours. Don't pay your property taxes and see who ends up with your house. But we still take care of the house even though it is the bank or state that owns it. Likewise the body is not ours yet we take care of it even though it is not ours.

mrsnacks | Thu, 10/08/2009 - 19:09