Mind forbids one to indulge in meditation (devotion).

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Mind forbids one to indulge in meditation(devotion) by way of tiredness, laziness, sleep, idleness, wickednesses etc. Sometimes it says that it will devote time in the morning and fails to get up, if in case it gets up in time then it says to sleep a little more as enough time is there, to attend the work the next day may be a problem, goes to sleep and when gets up it is too late. Sometimes looks at the watch thinking that the time may have been over by now.

Meaning thereby that the mind forbids indulging in practice. It has overpowered us since ages and has been dictating us. If a man, nowadays takes land to cultivate from the landlord for a year or two then he does not vacate the land. So, likewise the mind who has overpowered us since ages, how can it vacate so easily ? Inspite of listening to the arguments of the mind one should indulge in meditation. When the mind poses hindrance then it should be punished by giving more time to repetition on that day.

One should try to indulge in repetition sitting on the same ‘Asan’ and as far as possible it should not be changed. Starting from half an hour repetition time should be increased to two and a half hours because for a time less than this the mind fails to still. One will rule the mind if one keeps on doing practice continuously. As the cream if milk is ready only when the milk is boiled at a low pace without stirring it. Stirring makes the cream of the milk so. Similarly sitting on the same Asan, increasing and attention goes within slowly and steadily and one starts getting pleasure. If the attention is concentrated at shivneter, one gets unparalleled pleasure, whose sample in the outside world is not possible to have. Thereafter the mind itself starts compelling for meditation.