The mind

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The mind exists in time, in fact the mind is time; it exists in the past and
the future.

And remember, time consists of only two tenses, the past and the future. The
present is not part of time, the present is part of eternity.




mind is the cause of freedom and bondage.this is the mind on account of which we ,all of us,have ourselves borne bodies for millions and millions times (births)just-like we change our BHAGVAT GITA and UPANISHADS.Eternity is the body of eternal GOD (mahakal brahm sutras) manifesting in two types as (1) trikal, (2) maya.
Trikal=it is a classification of time stated as present,past,future and all these three are well attached with us for carrying our day-to-day activities.what we think & do at present is accumulated as our sanskar (seeds of our deeds,karamas)and deposited in chita only to get manifestation as fruits in future at appropriate occasions.after deposition of these karamas as seeds,these seeds goes into past to remain unmanifested till its sprouting in,all these three may be seen interwoven through karamyoga as one continuity ;otherwise it(time) is three, obviously.
MAYA=it is illusion of which mind is also its part as unit and this mind floats in all the three stages of time and mind may also go beyond time and space but not beyond maya because it is made of it hence instead of to go beyond maya it merges with maya..nature(prakriti) exists in maya and it is of three kinds as satv,raj,tam and nature itself is also called maya.
Guru leads disciple through different stages of spirituality till he leaves him with the LORD but no guru is greater than mind because after purification of mental body it becomes inner guru and super guru;hence we may see when our mind is made steady through meditation,it starts to dictate from within what we have to do and which way to follow etc.

NIDHI PARKASH | Wed, 08/05/2009 - 18:08
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very well said about mind...most diificult path is which way to follow..that has always disturbed me ..but no firm solution to follow.

myawakening | Thu, 06/16/2011 - 06:36