Midnights with the Mystic

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"It was after I hung up the search and vowed to live my life as best could without the deep inner realization and serenity I sought that he came into my life and changed it."

"In this man many people worldwide have seen someone beyond our imaginations. He is a being who is intensely alive in every possible way - in every human was and in every spiritual way. Whatever I had thought being human meant, he is more than that, and whatever I had imagined being a Guru meant, he is also more than that."

"...travel the winding road that lead me to him - or perhaps more accurately - that lead him to me."

Cheryl had the honor of telling her story in a book that can be shared with the world. My last copy went to a gentleman from Germany that I met on the way to India to visit the Isha Yoga Center and spend time in the presence of Sadhguru. I hope you will find your own story or share yours here.

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Why have I got the feeling

Why have I got the feeling that all this has a hidden (badly hidden, more accurately) motive of selling something rather than truly sharing with others?

Is there something less spiritual than that?

suzi | Thu, 04/15/2010 - 06:16