A Method for Solving Problems

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A Method for Solving Problems

William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, advises us to meditate on our problems.

The Council: There are times when individuals seem to find many problems come their way, dissatisfaction, insecurity, a lack of joyful experiences, and they have the tendency to want to look in the direction of everyplace but themselves as the cause of such dilemmas. If you are experiencing unhappiness, if you are not experiencing a contentment, look at yourself. Look at your past, examine your past, because what you are experiencing today is the path that you have laid yesterday or the day before or the year before or two years before that. We would suggest that if you find yourself in such a situation, meditate on the condition and the answer that means the greatest sacrifice on your part, accepting a more humble position will usually be the answer to the problem. But if you do not meditate, you will wander around chasing your own tail, rationalizing your own activities and burying yourself much deeper, and who knows, maybe dragging down with you other innocent people. So, we suggest that if life does not leave you with a sense of joy, it is because you have not created joy for you to experience.

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