Metaphysical Realities

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The subject of Divine Genetics might be a little too deep even for the Exalted Souls who inhabit this site, and so let's try to bring things down to a more basic level and examine some of the primary principles which make up a Metaphysical Understanding.

Metaphysics just means beyond the physical, which when we actually look at it makes up 99.9% of everything in the universe. Although we seem to be living in a material world, we all know this to be Maya or illusion, not because the physical isn't real but because it is not the Ultimate Reality. The Physical World is like the Facade on a building, and let's say that inside the building is a concert in progress or a town hall meeting gathered to decide the fate of your existence. We can stand outside admiring the face of the building all day long, but if we do not go deeper into things we miss out on having any input in our own destiny or perhaps miss the show of a lifetime.

The reason that the physical plane makes up such a small amount of the total Reality within the universe is because it is an "EFFECT" and Consciousness itself is the cause...

I may have just SWOOSHED over everyone's head already, in which case is EXACTLY Why this thread may be necessary. Since I am just basically talking to myself while ASSUMING that someone else out there might be participating while reading this, then I must assume as well your ignorance on every matter since it is better to start at the basics and work up, than to assume you understand what you do not, and speak over your head. However if someone might like to comment here somewhere then perhaps my imaginary friend might get an actual voice and I can deal more directly with whatever may be on your mind...


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First Things First

What is the nature of Physical reality? Are Matter and Spirit two different thing, no they are not, at least no more than Positive and Negative are two different things even though they may both exist on the same battery.

The first Metaphysical reality we need to understand is that of Evolution and Involution. You see matter and Spirit are two parts of the very same thing and there is no one without the other. But in order for Spirit to express itself in the material world, requires Evolution, but not like our friend Darwin imagined.

Suppose that we were reading off of a Scroll, as we roll along the part we are reading gets uncovered as the part which we have just read gets rolled back up. In other words the upper scroll is Evolving as it unfolds for us to read and the lower portion Involves as it is rolled back up after reading. In the same way matter and Spirit are one but to manifest Spiritual Reality in a material world we must Evolve or unfold our Spiritual capabilities by Involving or going beyond our material limitations.

The beauty of our Human Energy Systems is that we posses the most Advanced Evolution of Spirit in the Material World, which is what allows us to give expression to Spiritual Reality where other species may not...

Does any of this make sense???

Blahnanda | Tue, 02/22/2011 - 18:04
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Consciousness the Ultimate Metaphysical Reality

I suppose we could call Consciousness the only Reality because there is no reality without someone being conscious of it. So where does that leave us, right back where we started in some big circle. I suppose there are a lot of things I could say about consciousness, but probably wont, just because I don't expect that everyone will share the context in which I understand these things. So where does that leave us, right back where we started again in another loop-de-loop.

Do I try to explain the mechanics of Consciousness or do I attempt to explain the cause of consciousness or do I try to explain the effects of consciousness and what is there to talk about if not the mechanical dynamics between the cause and effects of consciousness???

Maybe we should play another game, but this is the only game in town, so what fun would that be...

Words, words, words, etc, etc, etc, blah blah blah...

How's that work???

Blahnanda | Tue, 02/22/2011 - 18:17
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What is Spirit

Perhaps this single question more than any other might go a long ways toward clarifying some Metaphysical Realities. What is Spirit, is it some great and mysterious thing which no one can answer, or is it perhaps so simple and self obvious that everyone just overlooks it because it is so commonplace?

Personally I think the answer is quite simple, Spirit can also be known by another word and that is Awareness. In our lives it is known as Source Awareness because we possess a Particle of Spirit or perhaps Drop would be a better analogy, while Universal Mind is an Ocean of Awareness which is Source to all things including us and our little Drop of Awareness within the Ocean of Awareness which makes up the Universal Mind of Creation.

Well now, that is all well and good but can you prove your theory? Why yes I could if my math skills were better, I would merely show how Awareness is the only Non-motional aspect of the Universe which is why Einstein's Relativity makes everything relative to the perceptual velocity of the observer because the Awareness of the observer is the Absolute Non-Motion which makes his theories work. Then I would provide a formula which describes the Positronic Variances between observer and the object of awareness and there you would have it, mathematical PROOF that Source Awareness is the Spirit in Man. Of course tracking the matter/antimatter transformations of the Universal Mind may require more complex calculations but seems entirely within the realm of probability to a skillful Number Cruncher who understands my whole Unified Field Theory.

So have I said anything yet???

Perhaps not but then again, perhaps I have said to much already...

Blahnanda | Wed, 02/23/2011 - 02:51
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If father is the source awareness, what is the Son and what is the third?

joejo | Wed, 02/23/2011 - 13:59
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Excellent Question and this Manifold Singularity is one of my favorite subjects.

But before getting specific let me go symbolic. The way I view the Trinity is like a quarter, with a heads, tails and outside ridge which connects the two. Now we can call this 3 in 1 because in a coin toss each serves its own function independent of the others, while at the same time we can in no way separate any of them without destroying the whole.

That being said, let's get back to your question.

The trick is that we need to first understand the Universal Construct so I will have to use more symbolism to explain this. Suppose we have a sheet of white paper sitting on a table which represents the ONE Awareness of the entire Universe, then we lay a yellow transparency over the white page and this represents an Information Field of the Universe and then suppose we lay a Black Paper on top of the whole stack. Now the Front side of the Black Page we are looking at represents Energy in whatever form it may take, while behind the Black Page and between the Yellow page is an Information Exchange which is producing the energetic experience on the front side of the black page, and the whole time the white page is experiencing this information exchange through the Information Field of the yellow page.

So then Father is the Universal Awareness, Son is the Cosmic Information Field and Holy Spirit is the Information exchange which produces the matter/Antimatter Transformations between energy and Awareness. Pretty clear so far??? Okay, let's put this on a personal instead of Universal Scale.

Again we have the white Paper which is the Ocean of awareness, then we place a Keyring on the paper and this represents our body. As we move the keyring around on the page, notice that the awareness both inside and outside of the keyring never changes only the position of the ring on the page. Then move another ring onto the page and let's call that some Hot Chick and bump her key ring into yours...

Was that as good for you as it was for me???

Blahnanda | Thu, 02/24/2011 - 19:34