Mesh of Deeds (Karmas)

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Our True Master is Sat Purush or Sat Guru. He has allotted the work of creation to Kal(time) who has given importance to the ‘Laws of deeds or Karmas’ and has attached mind and intellect with the being. Mind is his agent whose duty is to detach the being from Sat Purush and the wave or current of His Shabd. The being performs every work or deed after giving thoughts with his intellect. Similarly every being is compelled to perform deeds under the control of mind and intellect and the law of deeds is ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ More the deeds the being performs, the thicker is the mesh. The present condition of the being or soul has become like that of a sparrow entrapped in a mesh and trying to get out of the same failingly. Kal(time) governs up to the limits of Triloki in which all the beings keep on wandering as per their deeds. Sometimes it enjoys the pleasures of Heaven and sometimes the woes of the Hell and sometimes transmigrates into different species on this mortal world. No one can escape from the mesh of the (time) or Kal, Kabir Sahib says that :-
Three world form a cage,
Actions, good or bad, lead to from a net.
All the living beings are victims,
To the one hunter Kal.
When balance of deeds is calculated at the end of each life then it is placed before the being. Some of these deeds are kept or transferred to the reserve stock which are called Sanchit deeds, whose store is at the headquarters of the Kal(time) called Trikuti, so that no being may escape from the mesh of deeds. Kal(time) can't withhold any being entangled in any tie if the being has cleared all the deeds. The Sanchit deed stock of every being has accumulated to great levels after transmigrating from one species to another. Incident goes like this that Dhritrashtra had to be blind consequent upon the deeds performed in the 106th birth back. After every death when the accounts are settled then a definite number of deeds and Sanskars is attached alongwith the soul which are called Pralabdh deeds to face in the coming birth. Out of these some deeds are taken from the previous birth while others are taken from the reserve stock.
In the present birth every being fulfils the desires which remained unfulfilled during the previous birth and in this new birth gives rise to fresh desires and expectations according to which the being keeps on getting the further births. In this ways the cycle of birth-death and rebirth goes on. For examples if one has a strong desire for wealth at the time of one's last breath he is allotted the species of a snake in the next birth.
Whoever at the last moment brings to mind wealth,
And in such contemplation dies,
Again and again as a snake shall incarnate. (526/ Trilochan)
If the being desires children then it gets the species of a pig.
Whoever at the last moment brings to mind progeny,
And in such contemplation dies,
Again and again as a pig shall incarnate. (526/10 Trilochan)
If one dies thinking of houses at the death time it gets the species of the demon.
Whoever at the last moment brings to mind his house,
And in such contemplation dies,
Again and again as a goblin shall incarnate. (526/11 Trilochan)
If any being breathes his last while remembering Satguru, the Lord, then he goes to the Satguru and gets salvation.
Whoever at the last moment brings to mind the Satguru,
And in such contemplation dies,
Says Trilochan with Lord in his heart salvation he gets. (Trilochan)
The fruit of the Pralabdh deeds has to be faced. We are bound to it and it cannot be waived off. Kabir Sahib says that :-
Course of the deeds can not be eliminated.
We are free to perform the new deeds which are also called the Kriyaman deeds. Every being has been equipped with intellect. That performs every deed with intellect. So it is the responsibility of the being itself to get rid of the mesh of Kriyaman deeds. We seek an able master utilizing our intellect to learn any job. One gets freedom from the deeds in the refuge of the True Saint is also up to the efforts of the being itself. It is alright that it is not only difficult to identify the True Saint rather impossible. But where there is a will there is a way. If there is a true craving then Lord too bestows His mercy definitely.