Merging with the presence

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The outer world is but a holographic reflection of our inner state. The human being believes that what we are seeking is outside of ourselves which is nothing more than an illusion. The answer is always the same, we must go within. As Christ said seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added onto you so it is this that we must do. There is no reason why every human being can not be like the apostles or early Christians. To become as such we must awaken. Now the ego mind will try to control the process. We must simply realize first that we cannot do this alone but only by being lead by the “I AM” presence within. We enter into meditation in a form of simplicity and humility asking God to show us the way. Also, asking that we be allowed to enter into full conscious contact with the indwelling presence of God which is our true self. The heart is the altar of our being or the door to the kingdom of heaven within. Many mystics have taught about the breath as being one major key to open the door. Now by using our mind we focus on the breath as being a Divine Light (Christos). Directing the Divine Light (Christos) to areas of the body will stimulate the certain areas within the body. So again with our mind focused on the heart we use the Divine Light (Christos) to stimulate this area. We must pay attention more and more to the feelings now as the blockages begin to become removed. There will be physical sensations at first then heat or coolness as well as other body sensations. Gradually this opens the door into very subtle sensations various emotions and then the energies of the soul such as joy happiness and peace. Moments of bliss, clarity etc. will come and become stronger as our unity with the “I AM” becomes deeper. As time goes on we become fully emerged in an ocean of Divine Grace. Of course the ego will throw up all kinds of resistance to block this from occurring. This must occur. For it is part of the process. All beings are good in nature. Our God nature is wholeness, perfection, love, wisdom, joy, happiness etc. our very being is the very essence of heaven. All disease crisis pain suffering etc. is because of the human nature being asleep of its true nature.

Realization or enlightenment is achievable by every human being for it is their divine right. The journey of every human being is to understand their true nature. Our journey is to become like Christ, which goes beyond just imitating HIM in moral ethical behavior. Every human being has a divine nature. Within the center of the being resides the "I AM" presence. When we enter into deep meditation using our direct line with God, the breath, while focusing on the heart center we begin our journey. How did Christ keep His conscience communion with the Father, and also many other mystics? Everything is energy. Energy flows where attention goes. Simply put, where we focus our thoughts upon, the heart center and seat of the Divine, we will produce a greater connection with God. Our attention energizes that which we focus upon. Everyone is seeking peace joy and happiness because they are suffering from an empty void deep within. They constantly look outside themselves to fill the void within when the only way to fill the void within is by going within. Connecting with the inner presence of God is the only way to achieve true happiness joy and peace. By going within and merging with the presence we are completely surrendering as we allow the ego to become remolded into its perfect state. We make a true covenant with God becoming fully consecrated to God by merging our true nature with Him. This will mean a dying to ourselves and going through periods of darkness as the ego is completely dissolved of its present state of negative energy.

+W Thomas Wells