Memorial Day Thoughts

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Today is Memorial Day in the United States. On this day we honor and remember those who have served this country. Service is one of the Safeties in the KAS1 program.

With Kundalini sometimes there can be blockages in the body that cause pain. Just as the soldiers served their country out of love to remove the blockages of hate and fear we as members of the Kundalini family can remove our pain and blockages with loving service to others.

I see the Kundalini energy moving thru the body breaking down the walls of our resistance as an army of love energy. Service is a powerful antidote to pain and fear.

Kundalini Clots by chrism

Kundalini is very strong and it really isn't a stationary energy. It is a continuously moving energy. A constant spiral up and through the chakras and into the Cosmos. A continuous moving connection. If it gets stuck, and I have felt this, it will give pain that can resemble arthritis, or a locked joint or any number of painful scenarios.

To keep this from happening move the energy through actions of kindness with your purposeful intention behind them. This is why service for others can be so important. It moves the energy with love. I know it sounds like airy fairy and fluffy New Age sweet talk but its true none the less. This will dissolve energetic Kundalini clots.

Massage can be helpful, as can some incursional techniques, but the best is to dissolve it by making the connection with the part that is hurting and the type of service one can do for another. So if it is a knee, well what does a knee do? It helps you to stand or to walk or to run or to push or pull etc. See what helping another in these areas consistently does for your knee. If it is another body part, make that connection. - blessings - chrism

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chrism of the Kundalini

You obviously know my master chrism and I am forever a brother to you my friend! JT

Jonathan True | Tue, 06/12/2018 - 01:44