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In this chapter we shall see what is meant by MeiPorul (True Wealth or True Thing).
“Whatever a thing is and whatever is its state, wisdom is to see the True thing in it”
– Divine Tamil Poet ThiruValluvar
By the above peom Thiruvalluvar means that True wisdom is to find true wealth(MeiPorul) using any available thing in whatever state it is. This will be the characteristics of people with divine knowledge. They will see the true thing(MeiPorul) in all the things. Now What is MeiPorul.
Mei in Tamil means Truth. Another meaning of it is our physical body. The True Thing in this physical body is our soul. Truth is the one that is indestructible and beyond time. Our soul is the truth and that is inside our body. Our soul is small divine part of the supreme divine being. We call our soul Jeevatma. Our Soul is accessible to us through our eyes. Because of this reason seers have called our eyes as MeiPorul. Paramatma who is present everywhere is present within us in our eyes. He is in our MeiPorul.
“Whatever you hear from whom so ever try to use it find the meiporul in it”
– Divine Tamil Poet ThriruValluvar
Even if people talk and discuss various subjects and things if you think deep you can find out that the base and beginning of all will be supreme divine lord. If you think with divine wisdom you can find that all are talking about MeiPorul. Take any teachings and analyze it with your divine wisdom you can find out that all are talking about the same MeiPorul, the true thing within you. If you want to understand that every teaching teaches about MeiPorul then you have to cling on the MeiPorul. That is possible only if a Nyana Sadguru makes us to cling on it. If you surrender to a Nyana Guru he will make you to cling on this MeiPorul. If you cling on the MeiPorul with Guru’s grace then the divine light of the MeiPorul will become yours.
“Guru will tell you what is meant by MeiPorul” – Siddhar.
It is the seer Thriu. Thiruvarut Prakasha Vallalar who made me as Guru and sat me in Kanyakumari’s ThangaJyothi Nyana Sabai and made me to give Nyana Upadesha and write books on Divine Wisdom and through me giving Nyana Deekshai to all the people of this world. This is the 24th book (Saakaa Kalvi) that i am publishing with his grace. I am teaching and showing the way how to become immortal. Come and learn this. Our lord who is as divine light in the pupil of the eyes will not forsake anyone and he is ocean of compassion and grace. Cling on to his lotus feet and he will lift you up and give you a divine blissful immortal life.
“Which is the first organ to form in the body? Which is the place where six five and 2 petals were formed? Which is the place where the troubling five senses gets controlled? If a person can answer this then we can offer him our humble respects and can call him as Guru. “ – Siddhar Poem.
The first organ to form inside mother’s womb is our eyes. The divine light of the eyes were responsible for the formation of the body.
It is lord muruga who has six faces and appear as six band of light and it is lord Ganesha who has five hands and who is the head of all the senses in the body and will appear as OhmKara and two petals were nothing but our two soft eyes which were as soft as the petals of the flower and the divine light is the one appearing in our eyes.
The five basic elements were all present in our eyes. Our eye has tears in it. It represents basic element water. The flesh of the eye represent the basic element earth. You have noticed the tears were sometimes hot. This means there is fire inside our eyes. So if fire is there then there should be air. So all the four basic elements can be easily understood to be in our eyes. Now where is the element sky in the eyes. This is the secret. Look at the structure of our eyes.
In the outer we have white layer. In the middle of it we have Iris. In the centre of iris we have what is called as pupil. In Tamil it is called KanMani (meaning bell of the eyes) and KrishnaMani (bell of LordKrishna). This pupil is in the middle of iris and inside the iris and it is hanging there without any direct support. This is where we have the last basic element which is sky. In this way all the five basic elements which represent the five basic senses were present in our eyes. All the five basic senses will come under control in the eyes only.
I have told every divine thing without hiding any thing. There is no secret in divinity. I have told all these with the grace and blessing of my guru. Can this humble being be considered as Guru. I will still tell more. Keep reading.
I told that our pupil is hanging without support. Is it possible for any material to hang without support? How our earth is there. Is it not hanging without any support. Our pupil is hanging there just like how earth is hanging in the sky. Seers use to tell “Whatever there is in the universe is also there in the human body”. How it is there in universe the same way it is there in the human body. This is the truth.
Our earth is like a round ball. It rotates on its axis . It is rotating in the sky. For this there should be some reason or force making it to rotate. Is it not? The reason for this is the fire which is at the centre of the earth and by its energy and force making the earth to rotate on its axis. This is also responsible for the gravity of the earth. Now in the centre of our eye pupil in the size of the tip of needle there is divine fire glowing. That is why pupil is hanging and rotating just like our earth. So the pupil is in the sky of the body. By this we can say that there is fire in the centre of the pupil.
The saint seer and Siddhar Pattinathar says “It is as beautiful as world and has three eyes and it is sugarcane in the shores of Otrriyoor”. Our eyes were beautiful as our earth. What is meant by three eyes? Outside the eye it has three layers the white layer, black iris and black pupil. If you see inside of the eye the right eye and left eye will go in and meet in a centre place which is straight inside of the forehead. This place is called 3rd eye or NettriKaan. By this the human has three eyes. He also tells it is the sugarcane in the shores of a place called Otrriyoor. Now let us deciper this. We can’t take literally these words. We have to decipher it. We all know that sugarcane will not grow in sea shore. By this he is meaning the divine light of the eyes in which tears flow out like sea and the divine light is in this shore. Our tears were salty like the water in the sea. Is it not. Also in tamil if you split the word for sugarcane it comes as KarumPoo (Karupuu + Poo) which means black flower.
Do you find black flower in any part of the world. We call our eyes as flower (KanMalar). So pattinathhar is refereeing to our eyes only. He is telling it as it is as beautiful as the earth and has three eyes. He is refereeing to our eye structure in our head and making us to think by his words.
Like this all the seers and saints has mentioned about our eyes as the Meiporul as it contains the divine light of the supreme being. They have used so many different words to describe it.
You would have heard lot of so called Gurus tell you to meditate on the centre of the eyebrow. Did they tell you correctly what is the centre of the eyebrow. If you ask anyone they will show you the place where we will keep the holy ash or saffron in our forehead. That is they will tell you this place is in between the two eyebrows. The seers have not told it is the centre of two eyebrows. They told centre of eyebrow in singular way (PuruvaMathi). If we see now there is nothing centre for a singular, the thing below the eyebrow is our eyes. We have to think like this and find answers for the poems and teaching by the saint. So all the seers have told about our eyes. We have to know the state of our eyes.
Another siddhar has directly told that eyebrow centre is our eyes only. The conundrum told by a siddhar is opened by another siddhar. Like this way all the siddhars, saints and seers have referred to our eyes as the MeiPorul and told in many ways using many similes.
Another siddhar song “Eyebrow center is nothing but the top of the earth which is as parabrahmam”. See how sweetly and how by using a simile he has told. Our pupil in the eye is round like the earth and it has the divine light which is parabrahmam. In this way everything refers to MeiPorul only.
Our seer and saint Vallalar has told clearly “The lock of the eyebrow which is the centre of the eye, you find it, open it with ecstasy, drink it and attain divine bliss.
“The centre of the eye is the lock of the eyebrow”. Do we require further more light on what is centre of the eyebrow.
Another siddhar in his poem has told this “The Lock has to opened with hands and the lock of the mind has to be opened with truth”. So do you want to open the lock in the centre of the eyebrow? How do you open it. With our hands only. Here hands refer to our eyes. Our eyes were the hands for us in spirituality. Our eyes were the holy feet of the lord. Since our divine light is the ultimate truth this siddhar ask us to open the lock with this divine light in the eyes. By this he discloses another divine secret. Our mind is present in our eyes. We have to open our mind with the help of our eyes. What is truth? Truth is one which is not destroyable and beyond time. The truth is supreme divine light which is present in our eyes. So using this divine light open the lock of the kind and the door will be opened. This is the divine secret.
“The Chakra that is not cut, Mantra that is not spoken, Flower which is not reachable to others, Holy water that is always perennial, Linga that is not bound, Offerings that doesnot go to mind , this is what my Guru has told in his upadesha.” – Siddhar song.
The above poem refers to the MeiPorul only. It was told in lot of coded words and has to be deciphered to know its meaning. Let us see the meaning of the above song below:
“The Chakra that is not cut” -> The Pupil of our eye is round and solid. Like the rolling of the chakra our pupil is also rotating. Our pupil is not formed or made by cutting. Without any cuts or joints is was formed as such by the supreme lord. That’s why the pupil of our eyes is the Chakra that is not cut.
“Mantra that is not spoken” -> Mantra is the holy word which is uttered by thinking about the lord in our mind. There are so many mantras available. Vallalar has told “What did you get by uttering all the seven crore mantra in the scriptures. “ Another siddhar by the name sivavakkiar says “I have uttered so many mantras”. By this they mean mantra is not just uttering or repeating the words. Mantra is not just repeating the holy words again and again. Mantra means keeping the mind skilful and strong. You have to keep the mind in a place where the mind remains strong and skilful. This place is the pupil of our eyes only. As we have seen already there is small layer which is covering the centre hole in the pupil. This hole is of the size of tip of the needle. This layer is made up of 3 types of impurities (we shall see about this in the subsequent chapters). Our mind is present above this and functions as per these impurities. The mind comes out through this layer. So our mind is before the pupil in the subtle dimension. If we keep the mind in the pupil itself skilfully it is mantra. So Mantra refers to the skill of keeping the mind in the place where it is originating. This place is the pupil of the eye and it is called mantra. Our Eyes does not speak is it not. So Mantra that is not spoken again refers to the pupil of the eye.
“Flower that is not reachable to others” -> We refer to the eye as flower in Tamil. Can someone reach/used our eyes, meaning can our eyes be used by someone else. The eyes which is the MeiPorul is reachable for them only. The flower which is as eight is which is not reachable for others refers to the pupil of the eyes.
“Perennial water” – We have water (tears) in our eyes. Can someone tell how much water is there in our eyes. The water comes on our eyes always and perennially generated in our eyes. When we do the penance by feeling the consciousness in the eye and by realizing it in a relaxed way tears/water will flow out from our eyes like a waterfall. This tear coming out thus is the holywater. The holy water in our eyes for a ordinary man is not fetched out and it remains there. When we do penance and when the holy water comes out it is the theertha. Bathing completly on this water is the ganga snana. One who gets drenched and bathes in this holy water is the one who gets the divine wisdom.
“Linga that is not bound” – In all the temples we see that the linga is bound in the ground. Which ever made by human hand is the linga form found in the temple. But our eyes are not made by the human hand. The shiva Linga upper part is the linga, the central solid and long part is called Avudai. This is used for discharging the water that is performed as abisheka to it. The bottom portion of the shiva linga is of rounded shape and it holds all the upper portions. So the shivalinga is of three parts. How this become or represent our eyes. If we look at the shivalinga from the top how does it look like. When we look from the top we can’t see the height of the linga. We see three concentric circles. One is the smaller upper circle, next is the circle of the Avudai and the lower one is the circle of the bottom one. So if we look at the shivalinga from the top it will resemble our eyes. So our eyes which holds that shiva in the form of divine light and which is blessed by the lord in our eyes. So “Linga that is not bound is our eyes”.
“Offerings that doesnot go to mind” – All the actions that we plan and do in this world including the offerings that we make to the lord is done by the help of our mind. First we determine what has to be done and then we do the offerings. Chanting, Doing Homas, Pranayamam, VaasiYogam, puja, bathing the holy lord’s form with water and other holy stuff is all done with the help of our mind. But the penance that we do by feeling the divine consciousness, realizing the divine consciousness and in a relaxed way will not trigger our imagination and doesnot go to the mind, instead the wavering of mind is stopped. The divine penance that is ThiruvadiDekshai which is done on the MeiPorul is the one which doesnot affect or go to the mind. Being still with the mind fixed on the Thiruvadi divine consciousness is the Nyana Nillai. This is the MonaNillai. One who tells this is the MeiGuru. Guru who shows the MeiPorul to us. He is the true guru. He is the nyana Sadguru.
Our divine saint and seer Vallalar has told thousands of time in his divine poem Thiruvartpa that our eyes, that is pupil of the eye is the MeiPorul and has shown the way for achieving the divine blissful immortal life.