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What is the real truth :

1.what is in real existence Body or soul &Mind

Our real existence is Mind and soul. Body never dies. Only Mind dies. Mind is playing very important role in our existence. Hence every human has given importance to Mind only. However now a days people looks body and attack on body alone. Though invisible elements like soul and mind plays role in our existence,we never care of the same.

Yoga,Meditation gives knowledge of this invisible elements in our body.

Once you sit for Meditation closing eyes,third eye will open which will visualize every thing you experienced through your eyes. Forget the body and ask who you are ? then you will realize existence of elements. You will not realize instantly because your Mind will not allow you to do so but tell to your Mind to keep quite for some time.tell again and again then mind will rest,but thoughts will never rest. It is said that since earth is revolving so mind is revolving but as you have seen that sun is stable hence all the planets revolve against it. Once mind becomes stable then you will experience the element which exists within you.

While in Meditation observe your breath. Do you know what is breath. Breath is nothing but your life and death. The oxygen which we breath is the life. You must have heard the last breath.what is that.why ventilation becomes useless. Your breath is nothing but it is thoughts you are receiving and taking out from the Mind. Why every living heads are towards sky? Because all electric pole and Mobile towers are towards sky. Our Minds are attached with upper atmosphere from where we get connection.

No one as on date has invented coming element within our body or its departure from the body.This secret is not known to any body.
To play any element,Medium is required. Like if you want to run CD in your computer or TV then CD player is required or VCD player is required. If we want to print any letter then printer is required. Now to play role of soul Medium of Body is required but it never enter in to dead body. Recently some of the Brahamkumaris has played this role separating their soul from body and inviting haunting soul of particular body died within period of 12days of death. The soul plays the same role as what played before death. This is not suprising because we have seen that so many haunting souls enters in to the body of any living human and can play the same role as what before death did.

What is rebirth.

There are four types of death. Natural,accidental,by desease and committed suicide. If you cut any tree before it attains the age of death then it will grow again. Likewise any premature death leads towards re. birth. All the Natural deaths at the old age that the age for death never gets re.birth. In case of accidental death there may be instant death in that case Mind and soul both will leave the body and that soul will haunt to get the house or Medium to enter till it get re.birth. Re.birth is decided on the theory of karma. Karma is greater than God.

Your all accounts of karma is noted by the revolving planets and your birth is according to the position of the stars (planets) on the date and time of birth. It is also said that the day of conception will also depends on the position of stars.

Thoughts :
We have stomatch which always asking for food. If you will not provide food instant then it will ask again and again but if you neglect it the hunger will ceased. Like wise our Mind has also stomatch wherein we invite thoughts. If you bow a seed and provide food and protection then it will grow from plant to tree,but if we stop providing food then it will become weak and dies. The thoughts entering in to Mind is provided with food then it will grow and will become tree. Good thoughts are to be feeded.

Compairision of Earth sky & sun with Body Mind & soul.

Our Body Mind and soul is nothing but Earth,sky ,Mind and soul.
This requires to be think in depth. Our Mind and soul is different than body. At the time of death this body perishes in the earth while Mind and soul escapes. It never dies. Keep comparision and think our entire body is earth and soul is sun while Man (mind) is sky which is open. Our soul is stable and never dies like sun. Atomespheric effect is visible on the earth as cyclone,earthquake,rains etc likewise our Mind (thought) effect our earth body. As on the earth there are tress,Mountians, oceans, curves,caves, Birds,Animals,Humans everything is within our body also. Our stomatch is the center part of earth that is equotar while upper part and lower part is also like our earth.

All the Bectria and other Insects within body resides in different region (Part) of the body also think about their sun,Mind and existence. They also perishes in the body like our body perish on the earth. Existence of such Bectria is only permitted within body other wise it will die.Like wise we can not go out of this earth.

What is difference between Ram & Krishna
Our Mind is krishana and our Heart is Ram. Krishana was great Politician. His brain was working for doing the work and to Interpret the words. One whose Mind works, his heart will not work.Ram was purshotam Mariyada With great feeling towards all Community of people. He was Generous and sentimental. Those Whose Heart works, their Mind will not work. In India all the Females are Ram except Mrs.Indira Gandhi whose brain was Working. All most all politicians has no Heart. You will get my Point.