Meditation VS Knowledge according to Osho

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A few beautiful texts about meditation, knowledge and understanding from "A Cup of Tea" (A book of letters by Osho to disciples and friends).

From letter 335:

Meditation is beyond knowledge.
You can be it but you cannot know it.

All knowledge is superficial.
It is never anything else
but an acquaintance from outside.
It is always about
but never the thing itself.

From letter 179:

Intellectual understanding is not understanding at all
but only a deception.
Understanding is always of the total,
of the whole being.
Intellect is only a part, and that too a minor one,
but it acts as a whole
and thereby creates all sorts of stupidities.

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Such an enlightening gift Osho had to deliver truths in such a soft and clear way. To stress the fine differences that make the whole point. to try to save people from the main and only slavery: slavery to the mind.

It will be lovely if you could bring more pearls from this book.

carlito santo | Thu, 02/18/2010 - 07:07
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The stage in which knowledge is boring for you

There is a certain stage on the path in which you are not excited by knowledge anymore. You cease reading books and seeking spiritual doctrines, you are not that impressed by something tagged as "truth", and you do not try to formulate a thesis about reality by your own.

Some experience disappointment and worry at the beginning but actually this is a very advanced and great stage. You come to understand that all this seeking of understanding is merely a spiritual masturbation and that all those teachers who produce those teachings are merely a fraud.

dan77 | Sun, 02/21/2010 - 22:10
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i had initiated a forum topic and proposed that there must be two kinds of knowledge one binding and one liberating or at least not binding.

If we decry all forms of knowledge we will be be-fret of the advantage that comes by sincere investigation. Sufies say that the intelligence is aroused by the Kalam of gnostic.

Osho was the most verbose of "Gurus" & then to say ....?

joejo | Mon, 02/22/2010 - 05:32