Meditation Technique to Realize the Self

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"There is a natural space
of pure silence and stillness
in this moment.

In meditation,
relax your attention
so that it begins to settle
into this moment
and sink below
the outer movements
of thoughts, emotions
and physical happenings
into the stillness
that lies beneath them.

Just in resting your attention
in this stillness,
thinking runs out of energy
and stops by itself.

It is a place of non-movement,
It is motionless, effortless
and fully aware.

You do not get to this stillness
through self effort but through
surrendering and relaxing into
what is naturally here.

Do not try to force yourself
to remain in this stillness.

Rather, keep relaxing back
into this effortless stillness
when you are pulled out of it.

Much love,


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Realize the Self?

You have beautiful texts but the pretentious titles just spoil them. This meditation does not bring the realization of the Self and you know that. Why spoil such a text with such a false promise?

nathan | Sun, 05/05/2013 - 15:30