Meditation Technique to Realize Oneness

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"In meditation, first,
with great honesty and nakedness,
notice how you are in this moment.

It can be harder than it seems
because the mind is often busy trying
to become something
rather than admitting to what is
actually here.

So humbly notice
how you are in this moment
and allow that to be completely.

Let go of all distraction,
justification, analysis, blame
drama and judgment
and just allow everything to be as it is.

Allow it to be so completely
that you are the allowing itself,
that the separation between
everything that is here begins to blur.

If you are caught up in something,
then what you find yourself to be
may be more defined.

You may start out feeling
you are angry or nervous,
happy or excited
like you are a victim or a bully,
or a combination of these
and much more.

But in noticing
what your experience is
and allowing that fully to be,
your grip on these things loosens
and the definitions drop away.

Your experience may be more
feeling certain sensations,
feeling yourself as energy,
as consciousness
or feeling that you simply are.

Because at the surface,
thoughts define our experience,
but when we look closer,
there is a depth of experience
in this moment
that makes thinking superficial.

But it is never to exclude anything.
We are not looking to get into
a different 'state' but rather
through honesty
notice what is here
and fully allow that to be.

Because that allowing of your experience
whatever it is,
takes you to your essence.

So where self inquiry
is a direct approach
to self realization,
excluding everything in its path,
this allowing is all inclusive.

With the vulnerability of a child
you sink through the layers of experience
into your natural state
where everything merges back
into oneness.

Much love,


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Nice try but futile as you

Nice try but futile as you probably know. Meditation is a great tool but one has to understand its limits. One with an irritated mind will not calm in the moment or anything near it with such a written meditation no matter how much he will try and how many words of instructions you will write him. It's as futile as trying to make a drug edict stop injecting through email or on the phone. This is the fallacy of Eckhart Tolle who has so many readers but hardly anyone who is in the now. There is a need for a physical presence of the guiding source with the person or some supernatural means (e.g. Ayahuasca) and a need for a tailored guidance that takes into account the person's unique background.

Jibanda | Wed, 03/27/2013 - 09:17
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mind is bound to act on its

mind is bound to act on its own but there are techniques to tame the wildhorse.At least some may get benifitted with posts.Some say that the key is with the master only.He has to allow his disciple to make the mind think the way we like instead of its own

mbnarayana | Wed, 03/27/2013 - 11:26