Meditation Technique: Letting Go of Thoughts

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"When you place importance
on a thought,
whether it be an idea, an opinion,
a judgment, or a belief,
then you are bound to it.
It becomes part of your identification.

That thought then has power over you
because you are holding on to it,
you are defining yourself with it.

And that holding on,
keeps you stuck in the feeling of separateness,
of being in conflict with everything else.
Stress is created out of that feeling
of separateness.

So you journey that thought
for as long as you hold on to it.
Perhaps for a minute,
perhaps a lifetime.

But at some point hopefully
you realize the suffering of it,
you realize the stress of holding on to it.
And so you let it go.

And in that letting go of it,
a big chunk of who you think you are goes with it
and you are left feeling that you are nothing.

It feels like death in a way,
of being a zero.

Usually at this point,
we quickly grab hold of something else
to define ourselves.

But if we are courageous,
we allow that nothing.
We don't re-define ourselves
with another idea,
or distract ourselves.
We just allow that nothing.

We are present in that nothing.

And although the mind
will tell you that nothing is the worst,
if you really feel what is there,
you will discover it is blissful.

In nothing, there is just consciousness.
It is pure peace.
Not a peace that is happening for any "me"
but a peace that simply is.

In meditation,
you learn to let of of thoughts in this way
and remain in pure consciousness.
You learn to remain in the pure state
of simply not holding on to anything.

Much love,


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