Meditation on Silence

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"There's a bushwalk near my house.

It's not very well kept;
it's quite rough and wild
and because of that hardly anyone walks it.

I can walk 5 or 10 minutes
down the path and
there are no sounds of people at all.

No cars, no noises from houses.
Just pure nature.

Although there is the rush of the wind,
the roar of the sea in the distance
and the birds chirping and fluttering about,
you can really feel the silence.

The birds,animals,trees and plants
all seem to exist in perfect harmony with that silence,
as part of the silence.
It's incredibly nourishing and nurturing to feel;
revitalizing even.

Humans have moved far away from this silence,
making their world more noisy
more complicated, more selfish.
Nature is something to conquer;
to take advantage of.
Even the natural habitats we choose to keep
we often micro manage to the point
where nature is not allowed to be.

In the same sense inwardly,
we have stopped being in tune
with the silence that
naturally exists at our essence.

It is all about self importance.
What I want, I know, I think, I fear.
And then there is the manipulation
that comes with that.

I am really grateful for that bush walk
as it reminds my whole being
what life is about.

That life is nature
and nature exists in harmony with silence,
as a manifestation of silence,
a manifestation of peace.

Humans have traded in this silence
for a lot of superficial noise that
has no soul.

And therefore there is a lot
of unhappiness.

Painting a pretty picture
on top of the noise
is not silence.

But one's willingness
to be quiet and soft enough
to realize the silence
and to learn how to live that silence;
to me, is the greatest joy.

Much love,


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