Meditation, Shakti & Samadhi

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"When you are identified
with thoughts
and being the thinker,
the Shakti (spiritual energy)
seems to drain out of you.

At the end of a day
where you have been
lost in thinking,
you feel drained, you feel tired.
Your body can feel sick.

Just in being identified with your thoughts,
you are separating yourself
from this moment.
You are in conflict with this moment.

So it is natural
you will feel tired,
you will feel all of your energy
has been wasted.

When you are a witness
to thoughts,
or rooted in being,
(the feeling of existing)
thinking is experienced
as an eternal flow of energy
which is felt as bliss.

There is no energy drain,
it is a constant flow of Shakti
and the body feels nurtured
and healed in this energy.

When you allow the thinking
to be completely without any involvement
and let your attention
dissolve back into pure formless being,
thoughts can stop altogether.

If you keep letting go of the thoughts
as they arise
keeping your attention
fully resting in formless being,
thoughts will stop.

In this pure being void of thought,
the Shakti builds
and may rise up
and out the top of the head
where wondrous states
of pure ecstasy can be enjoyed.

Much love,


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