Meditation: Noticing that Consciousness Is

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"If you close your eyes in this moment and
let go of being involved with both thinking & doing,

then that sense of being separate disappears
and all that is left is consciousness.

You don't do consciousness in any way.
It simply is.

Only when your attention
contracts into being involved with thinking
do you appear to be a someone
separate from consciousness
that needs to find your way
back to consciousness.

It is not that spirituality is complex.
Spirituality is completely simple.
It is your involvement with thinking
that creates complexity.
You become entangled in your own
self created mental construct
and can't find your way out.

And so there are the meditation techniques,
spiritual practices,
to help the mind be free of itself
so that it can return back
into its natural state of being.

The more you remain focused on a technique,
or simply remain in consciousness,

(which means the more you remain
not grabbing hold of thinking and doing)

the more the karmic attachments
to thinking and doing get burned away
and you are left just as you naturally are.

You are simply wide awake awareness
as pure peace and fulfillment.

Much love,


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