Meditation Name : Devotion.

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MEDITATION AGE: People of any age can do easily (recommended to do in young age for best results).

MEDITATION TIME: Can do any time (recommended to do in the early morning 3am {the necter-time} for best results).

MEDITATION PLACE: Can do anywhere while standing, sitting, sleeping, aweaking, or even while working. (recommended to at same place, same time, simply by folding the legs & closing the eyes in the sweet remembrence of "Lord" for the best results).

MEDITATION TIMEAGE: Start with the sittings from Half an Hour and slowely extend them to three Hours, (recomended to extend the sitting as much as one can for the best results)

1) Less eatings. (recommended to take light & naturel diet earned with the honest means, better to take the meals once a day for the best results).
2) Less sleeping. (recommended to awake during the whole night {if possible} in the sweet rememberence of "Lord",don't worry if the eyes become red due to awaking in the sweet rememberence of "Lord", for the best results).
3) Less speaking. (recommmended to speak according to the needs for best results).

MEDITATION EXPLAINATION: Simply just fall in "Love" with "Lord" (recommended to do it "Unconditionally" for the best results)

MEDITATION BENIFITS: One gets rid from the circle of deths & births, Gets enlightenment.

MEDITATION PROGRESS SYPTOMS: As the concentration starts to begain the fingers of hands & feets feels like sleeping & Slowely day by day practice one feels the unstruck sound (divine sound) on the eye centre.

MEDITATION FEES: Will be collected in the Heaven.

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