Meditation Is to Lose Yourself in The Moment

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"The delight in eating chocolate
is when you are so totally immersed
in the taste of the chocolate
that there is only that taste.

The delight in playing tennis
is when you are so immersed
in the action of playing tennis
there is only the action
of playing tennis.

This is meditation.

Meditation is when
you are so totally immersed
in this moment
that there is only this moment.

There is no you meditating.
There is only meditation.

As long as you are trying
to get something out of it,
or figure it out or do it right,
you will miss it.

You have to lose yourself in it.

It does not matter
what technique you use.

When you practice
with such totality
that only the practice remains,
then that is bliss.

When you lose yourself
in this moment
you are free.



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