Meditation: How to Free Yourself from Thought Identification

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"One of the main parts of meditation
is to let go of the tendency
to attach your attention to thoughts.

Thoughts arise
and you grab hold of them.
Your whole attention contracts
into identifying with the thoughts
and therefore you cannot experience
what is naturally here beyond them.

So in meditation
we practice any number of methods
to free our attention from identifying
with thinking.

Whether it be witnessing
the thoughts,
directing our attention
to repeating a certain thought
such as a mantra
or to immerse ourselves
in that which is prior to thought.

So at first meditation
is a discipline
and without this discipline
it will be difficult to realize
what is always here beyond the mind.

But after practicing this discipline,
then there comes a point
where awareness is no longer
something you do.

You realize awareness
is what is naturally here;
it is what you naturally are.

Whether you experience this
as silence, as bliss, as love, as peace,
as energy, as consciousness or as oneness,
you simply allow your attention
to be immersed in that which is already here.

You let your whole being
dissolve in that.

But first there is that discipline
of training your attention to
let go of its attachment to thinking.

It's not something you can figure out,
it is something you have to practice.

Without force, without control,
you simply allow the thinking process
to happen as it naturally does
and you watch, you remain aware.

And just by doing this
the whole thinking process
will begin to unravel.

You will see you exist
completely free from mental perception
as awareness itself.

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Meditation helps in

Meditation helps in improving your concentration and focusing on your goal. You shared a great article.

justinhoward | Tue, 04/02/2013 - 05:54