Meditation: How to Experience Life as Energy

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"There is a constant flow
of energy in life.

A large part of awareness
is about observing this flow of energy.

You meditate enough
with the Shaktipat CDs
or with an enlightened teacher
and you will begin to notice
a constant flow of energy.

Perhaps at first
as something inside you.
But then you experience
this constant flow of energy
as you and everything.

And simply by watching this flow,
you learn meditation,
you learn awareness.

It guides you.

You notice
if you try and control a situation,
this flow of energy is repressed
and aggression begins to build.

You notice
when your attention
gets lost in something outward,
such as a desire or a fear
the energy dissipates
and the sense of separation
and stress increases.

You notice when
you are completely still
and surrendered in the moment,
the energy flows freely.

And when you immerse yourself
completely into energy itself,
there is tremendous bliss.

It's pretty much common sense.

Not something you need to figure out.
If this energy has been awakened in you,
then all you really need to do
is pay attention to it.

There are no decisions
to be made, no figuring out.
The energy is flowing
and you allow that to happen.

And from this energy
everything is taken care of,
amazing creativity and wisdom

Life no longer seems linear
but rather life is eternally shining out
of this very moment.

It is a beautiful thing
if you willingly give it
your attention.

You experience the one essence
of life in all objects
rather than objects as something
separate from life.



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