Meditation: How to Break the Habit of Thought Identification

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"If you look inwardly,
you will see that
there is the constant
habit of identifying with thinking.

A thought arises
and you believe
you are the thinker
of that thought.

Even more so,
the thinking
defines who you are
and what life is.

is about directly
experiencing life
beyond this mental perception.

So first you come to realize
that you do exist beyond
your thinking.

That there is this subtle
yet vast awareness
that you are
and that is completely free
from the mental perception.

And that you can witness thinking
from the standpoint of vast,
unlimited awareness.

After realizing this,
the habit
of identifying
with thinking
still needs to be broken.

Because it is this addiction
that keeps pulling
you back into suffering.

And this is a large part
of spiritual practice.

Through whatever technique,
you break out of
identifying with thinking
and remain in the natural state
which is prior to thinking
for longer and longer periods.

So it is not enough
to simply understand
'you are that.'

The habit of identifying
with thinking
must be broken.

It may seem
like an impossibility.

But simply by giving
your complete attention to this,
the light shines through.

Every time
your bring your attention
to that which is always here
beyond the mind,
there is more clarity
and the bliss
deepens dramatically.



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