Meditation Can Be As Easy As Resting in This Moment

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"It does not take any effort
to rest in this moment.

You simply have to stop
resisting this moment.

In meditation, first you become aware
that you are resisting this moment.
Not intellectually
but to actually feel that action
of resistance to this moment;
that action of always looking ahead
or looking behind this moment.

And then you let go of that resistance.

You accept your experience
in this moment
which means you give up
trying to manipulate this moment
and you fall into it.

You fall into feeling what is really here,
the sensation or sensations
that make up self-existing being
in this moment.

It has nothing to do with thinking.
You can't think your way into this.
Rather you let go of perceiving reality
through thought and emotion
and actually feel this moment directly.

It is already happening.
Awareness already is.
You just have to allow it.

A rock does not need
to make its way to the bottom
of the ocean.
It naturally sinks to the bottom.

Attention naturally rests
in the fathomless peace
of this moment
if you allow it.

Much Love,


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Guided meditation

Dear Kip,
I like the way, you so clearly explain and guide.
The stllness, the deep allowing, the meditation, just happened so spontaneously with me, there is no recollection of the steps.
This sounds like a fair description.


MAI | Wed, 11/07/2012 - 02:52
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Thank you, Mai

Beautiful! Thank you, Mai. Much love

blissmusic | Wed, 11/14/2012 - 00:13
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It's not that simple or

It's not that simple or simplistic. It actually depends on the character of the person if such advise is workable at all for that person, in samkhya they call it gunas (tamas/rajas/sattva). The ability to naturally meditate with no effort is hardly within the control of the person himself nor is necessarily suitable or beneficial for him. There is no one rule for everyone and thus one must act with responsibility when he projects on others what he feels is working for him. What such advise may cause is stress and frustration in those who can't really follow these projected advises and blame themselves, not knowing that it is is actually their inherent character.

dank | Wed, 11/14/2012 - 10:23
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Description, not to be confused with prescription.

Dear Dank,
Which is why these are discriptions, not prescriptions...!!!
Unfortunately, one can only describe what one goes through, it is never meant to be a prescription for what or how other people should do.I bet if now, if I were to follow my own description of how meditation unfolds, as a prescription, it wouldn't work...!!!


MAI | Thu, 11/15/2012 - 08:05