Meditation Between Mind & Formless Consciousness

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"What is here in this moment?
If you close your eyes,
what is your experience?

Not what the mind tells you,
not what the thoughts tell you,
but what is really here?

If you truthfully look
and see what is here
you will see thoughts happening,
sensations happening,
you may see emotions happening,
but they are all arising and disappearing
in consciousness.

You rest as the awareness
and out of this awareness
comes a movement of energy
in the form of thoughts
and one thought is no different
than another.

And this experience of awareness
has no boundaries,
has no sense of separation.

It is formless,
it is limitless,
it is all encompassing
and it's nature is peace,
bliss & love.

Bliss is not something
on top of it,
rather it is the actual
experience of awareness.

Now let your attention
get involved with the content
of the thoughts.

Notice what happens when you do this.

Notice the feeling of contraction
that happens,
the sense of separation that happens.

At first, you may still be rooted
in consciousness
and so the bliss is there.

But once you lose that awareness of consciousness
and become the thoughts completely,
become the owner of those thoughts,
then you separate yourself from peace.

Saying this
everyone has their own comfort level
of being in consciousness.

The majority of people
want nothing to do with consciousness,
because their reality
is their thinking
and to let go of that reality
means to enter an abyss
that they associate with death.

And so the majority of people
are defending their thoughts
by any means possible,
because they define who they are.

If you can protect your thoughts
and feelings as the ultimate truth,
then there is that sense of personal self
and power over everything outside of yourself.

But once life pulls the rug
from underneath you
and it always does,
do you still cling on to thoughts
having meaning and importance,
or do you surrender?

When does the stress level get so high
that you are willing to let go of your position?

When does suffering become so intense,
that you are willing to give up your position
and experience what is truly here?

That thoughts are arising,
emotions are arising.
Everything is as it is.

In this you give up this sense of you
that needs to protect a position in thinking
and you become positionless.
That contraction in being a fixed point
of "me" releases and suddenly you
relax into your natural state of consciousness.

You finally allow yourself
to be what you were all along.

You rest in the silence that
you have been resisting
and find it is actually what you are.

And not only it is what you are,
it is the peace and love that you
have been craving the whole time.

Much love,


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Beyond even the feel good factor

Very well explained Kip.
It is however, the very same energy, pulsating, contracting and being expansive...recognition of this allows the acceptance of life as a whole...more at peace and one-ment, than just the feel good factor of the expansive nature of awareness.


MAI | Thu, 07/04/2013 - 05:16
Quantum's picture

Very well articulated.

Any quick way to release the body sensation of contraction, constriction, tension, that comes with certain unpleasant emotions?

Quantum | Sun, 07/14/2013 - 19:55