Meditation: Becoming Vulnerable to This Moment

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"One method of meditation
is to simply be vulnerable
to this moment.

To let go of
trying to justify
who you are and what
you know
and really allow
yourself to feel what is here.

This is difficult only
because of the mind.

The mind comes in
and already knows it;
agrees or disagrees with it,
has an opinion about it.

And it is not that you have
to get rid of that,
but rather to give up
taking a position in that,
in believing this is "me."

You have all of these
thoughts flowing.
It is not to stop the thoughts
or change the thoughts,
but rather to see
the thoughts are flowing.

To see thoughts are
arising by themselves.

You can step back
out of being this person
and watch all of these
processes happening
which make up the idea
of "me."

And you will see in this
that there is no set
singular "me"
but rather a whole bunch
of processes happening.

Thinking is happening,
sensations are happening,
breathing is happening.

The ego could really be said
to be that which grabs hold
of all of these processes happening
and claims "this is me."

And then there is something to justify,
there is something to defend.

There is a position made that says
"these thoughts are me,
this knowledge is mine"
and unconsciously there is so much
effort trying to maintain this idea,
this sense of being a person
separate from everything else.

And it is not to take a position
to say "I am not a separate person"
but rather to stop taking a position at all,
to stop justifying any sense of me
and simply feel what is here
without using the intellect
to interpret it, to label it,
or justify it in any way.

To be completely open
to what is really here in this moment
beyond thinking.

And then throughout the day
to become aware of all of the
ways you justify yourself
and to let go of that,
to be vulnerable to what is here
and what is happening
rather than trying to fight it,
trying to control it.

It will hurt in a way,
it will break your heart
to be so vulnerable
to life.

But once you do experience that
you will love that hurt,
you will miss it
if it is gone.

Because that hurt
really isn't a pain,
but rather an opening
into what is here.

By feeling this
you begin to break through
the barrier of this idea of "me"
and realize freedom.

You realize you exist
beyond all ideas of 'me'
as consciousness itself.



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