In Meditation, Awareness Relaxes Back into Itself

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"In the path of awareness,
in meditation,
you learn to stop paying attention
to the content of thoughts
and begin to rest your attention
on the awareness that is aware of thoughts.

Which is to say
attention falls back onto itself.

Awareness relaxes into itself.
You surrender that action
of contracting awareness onto an object
and let it rest in its natural place
of oneness.

You do not gain something in this
but rather you lose everything.

By resting your attention deeply
into awareness
you move deep into nothingness,
into the absence of everything.

Once you taste this nothingness,
you are drawn to it,
to the purity of it,
to the lack of any sense of separateness,
to the lack of any stress
or sense of 'I.'

In some sense
although you recognize
it is your own undoing,
you are drawn to that undoing,
you are desperate for that undoing.

Because you taste
that the undoing of
any sense of 'I'
into pure silence, pure consciousness
is absolute freedom.

That you are released
into pure peace.

Then there is just that oneness
in everything.

A single step while walking
can feel timeless,
completely void of anything
yet full of the entirety all at once.

Much love,


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