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Ramakant Maharaj: Meditation has some scientific effect on the spiritual body. Why? As I told you, spirit is very sensitive and has had a lot of impressions. Since childhood it (spirit) has considered itself as the body-form: “I’m somebody else, I’m born, I’m going to die.” Things out there, good deeds, bad deeds, such things, prarabdha, karma, rebirth, heaven, hell, so many concepts are there. And we sign blindly (ie we accept without question).

So, to dissolve these concepts through meditation, you are regenerating your power. You are refreshing your memories of Ultimate Truth. You forgot your Ultimate Truth and embraced the body as “I am somebody else”. As a matter of fact you are not the body, you never were the body, you are not going to remain a body - it’s open fact. But, because of illusory concepts, you are living as the body, under the impression of so many concepts, illusory concepts, under all the impressions of fear - someone will sometimes die, something will happen to me, what will happen in future... present, past… so many things. To dissolve all these things, meditation is required.

The words of the meditation, the meaning of the mantra is “I am Brahman, Brahman I am”. No doubt, at advanced stage meditation also is illusion. But, to dissolve, erase illusion, you are taking the help of other illusion. By the way, we are refreshing our identity. You forgot your identity. “You are John, you have some problem and forgot your identity, so we are remembering/reminding you, of how you are John. You are staying with the science of meditation, (systematic method). So, in order to see the worth (of your true self), we are regenerating your power, reminding you of your identity, refreshing your identity which is invisible and unidentified.

After continuous concentration, you come to know “Oh! I have nothing to do with the body, and I was not the body. I’m unborn.” Body is going and coming, body is having age factors, limitations of time. For ‘me’, there is no limits of time, I am everywhere . Only my presence is present. “God”, so many concepts are there. “I appear out of my spontaneous invisible presence. ‘Who am I’? I am not any form, God, Master or anything! Because, I’m having this body, I am looking for happiness, tension-free life, peace of mind, fearless life. We came across the mind, ego, intellect. We are nothing, we know nothing. We remember nothing. The moment the spirit clicked with the body, we started to believe in the birth, and the death also.

So, therefore to have perfection, perfect foundation, we need meditation. Out of meditation, you forget your external identity. And (you get to know ) your internal identity, you come to know this, as Ultimate Truth. My spontaneous invisible presence projected this world. (Prior to this beingness), I was not aware at all, I did not know happiness (ie prior to beingness, happiness had no meaning). I did not know what was hell or heaven, nothing was known to me.

Since childhood, everybody is impressed (conditioned): You’re someone else, you’re an American, Indian or something else. Parabrahman, karma, religion - all concepts. Family life! So, accept the Reality, your Reality, your Ultimate, your Final truth. Master says you are the Ultimate Truth, Final Truth. Except your Self, nothing is there. This is not egoistic talk, it’s spontaneous. Everybody called “man”, accepts he’s a man. If you have a body of a man, you are man. You say: I am man, I am man. Master says, you are Ultimate Truth. I am impressing you with all the evidence, all your Ultimate Truth. This world is projected out of your spontaneous invisible presence. You can see it, it’s your knowledge - not Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God - these are names given to these, just to indicate. Everything is behind your presence - I see the world, the sun and moon, without your presence you can’t see the sun or moon or the world.

Therefore, first thing meditation, concentration, involvement, deep involvement. Then only, this knowledge, this reality will be open. It’s the Master Key to enter that house. The master key will open. To enter the house, to get to the house you need an address. When you reach the destination you don’t need an address.

Q. People do ask how to meditate - and often have meditated for many years and often with little or no actual progress.

M. Because it’s not scientific, (systematic and methodical) meditation. People say I am doing this thing, I am doing that thing. Your diet should be scientific diet. If the scientific diet is not there, it is wasted. Your energy is dissipated……..But if you make it scientific it will have an effect on your body…...

Q. And when you talk of a scientific approach you talk about using the naam mantra to help the meditation?

M. The naam mantra is most important, if you have not got the naam mantra, then use the name of whatever deity you believe in. Suppose the naam mantra is not possible, you take the name of whatever

whatever deity you believe in . You take their name. And you concentrate, like this. Same process.

Q. Total concentration.

M. Sit like this in yoga position and concentrate. Take the name. Nisargadatta Maharaj said this ……. “I am Brahman”, like that….so when you take this, the mind will remain busy. Concentrate. The mind is very mischievous.

Q. People understand that to become calm, you take deep breaths, etc before meditation, relaxed etc but as you say the mind comes in, which gives problems….

M. Mind means illusory thoughts. Don’t struggle with the mind. It happens: thoughts are coming, thoughts are going. Which thought you are going to accept, accept it. Thought which is not going to be acceptable, don’t accept it. It is natural. You have good thoughts, bad thoughts… after a time they are all good thoughts. For the thoughtless stage, meditation is required. After cleaning everything, like that. It’s a cleaning process. Anti-virus software.

Q. Also, I know it is illusion, but there is the sense again of duality, even in the meditation which comes in and it starts a splitting, and this a problem.

M. Yes, out of duality all is oneness. Because to say something, I have to take you on as somebody else. You are somebody. You are called a Master, a disciple…..To communicate spiritual knowledge …..Atma, a Master, a disciple, these names are used. This is the language of Ultimate Truth. Don’t take words so literally, see the message, see the gist. See the principle of what all your Masters, all the books convey.

Q. On the same note about taking things literally, with regard to the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj, (Ramakant Maharaj’s Master), we get the impression that some of his words are taken too literally. For instance , he talked about the “I am”. There are still people saying they want to understand, what is the “I am”, and so they have become stuck with the concept of “I am”

M. Don’t take logical meaning and literal meaning. What is the body? Just a sign of beingness, ‘I am’, a kind of feeling ‘I am’, you feel ‘I am’ and out of this spontaneous feeling ‘I am’, you see the world. Every morning, you are getting the feeling at the first moment, you are not any body, and then you see the world, instantly. And so ‘I am’ is the indication...Out of that spontaneous spirit ‘I am’ is. “I am” is the indication of your spontaneous, invisible, anonymous, identity. (He repeats) I am - the indication of your spontaneous invisible, anonymous. unidentified identity. Don’t fight with the words - ‘duality’, ‘individuality’ - you’re fighting with the words. Why to fight with the words?

I am impressing before you, your Ultimate Truth. Forget about all that you read, what you listened to. How were you prior to beingness? What do you know about the Brahman, Atman, Parabrahman, God? Nothing! Then you came across with the body. Is this a lady? …..a man, woman, Brahman, Atman, these concepts. Prior to this, there was no concept, no thoughts! Your existence was invisible. So don’t measure yourself in body form, because you are not the body. You are not the body. You are not going to remain a body. Body is only the medium, just like these clothes.

Q. Meditation in a comfortable position?

M. Initial stage, if old age is not permitting you to sit in the meditative pose (ie lotus position or similar) then that’s OK. Concentration is most important. Open fact. You were not the body, you are not the body and you are not going to remain the body. Body is not your identity. That conviction is supposed to appear out of meditation. This is the gist of meditation. In that initial stage, concentration is most important.

Q. But don’t get so comfortable that you fall asleep.

M. Sleep, deep-sleep, dream is all just the body. You see prior to beingness, there was need of sleep? And awareness? No, nothing. Perfection was identity. But for to place (before you) Ultimate Truth, there has to be some roots. … Meditation is also illusion, knowledge is also illusion. But is necessary because you’re living your life in a circle of illusory dream atmosphere. This knowledge is to lead you, to invite you, to impress you, to refresh you, to know yourself in the real sense. This is knowledge. Just to know oneself in a real sense is knowledge. What do we mean by knowing our self in the real sense? We are knowing ourselves in body form. It is not my identity. Some or other day, we are to leave this body, willingly or unwillingly. We need courage at that time… ‘I’m not dying’… for which,

you must have complete faith in the Master.

The Master says, I am unborn. You have to be strong…. Dry discussion and philosophy is meaningless. We are inviting attention of the invisible presence. You are Ultimate Truth. You are …. Don’t play with the words, with the spiritual words. There are thousands of spiritual words. This is the Master Key, therefore the Master Bhausaheb Maharaj, insisted first you undergo meditation for the beginners, then it will be spontaneous. Initial stage. Spirit is very sensitive, as I told you. Somebody abuses you and you are accepting these words. ...meaning of words… this is abusing you more… playing with words.

Considering that sensitivity of the spirit, this naam mantra is given. You have to recite the naam mantra. It’s called spiritual science. At first you recite it and have to make an effort. Also because the ego rises, you may have to struggle to keep the mantra going. Issues surface at the beginning. Then the mantra will run by itself automatically.

There is a story relating to our mistaken identity referred to as “insect justice”. An insect who makes his house in a wall… captures and puts another insect inside. And the first insect makes the sound “whoo whoo whoo”, to instil fear in the imprisoned insect and then also pricks it … and out of that fear, the second insect learns and makes the same sound “whoo whoo” and pricks the first one. It is the same with spiritual science. (Because of the fear, the ego starts protecting itself. There is conditioning, and impressions are imposed on spirit.) Like illusory layers. Survival instinct gets stronger and stronger over a lifetime. I don’t want to die, I am afraid etc. Out of this learned behaviour, the spirit starts accepting wrong knowledge and says : “I am I, I am somebody, I am very important.” This is mistaken identity - instead of ‘I am Brahaman’

So the Meditation - I am Brahman, I am Brahman, Brahman I am, is corrective. It is a reminder of who we are in a real sense, which regenerates the spirit, and cleans out the layers of illusion that cover spirit.

All knowledge is in you and you do not have to go anywhere… not to go anywhere… everything is in you. No need to ask anybody else. You can go to other places, Arunachala, some sacred sites etc, but don’t go with the intention of getting something out of it. (You are Ultimate Truth. Full stop!) Because you are not the Master’s disciple, but the Master’s Master. Nisargadatta said I am not making you disciples I am making you Masters. You forgot your identity. When you consider your identity - there’s nothing wrong with you (it is perfect). You see all these illusory thoughts, you are reading all these external books! See yourself (instead of reading more books). You are total, complete… everything is within you. You forgot your identity, you can see your identity. Nothing wrong with you. It is a fact.

You have to undergo certain disciplines in the initial stage. Everybody reads so many books, so many wrong things (without real substance, and which do not help in a practical sense). You are going here and there. Spiritual science means visiting your own (Web) site (not some one else's)!

Q. Ashram in your heart

M ...first you build your own house.

Q. Your own ashram.

Q. You said some time ago, now watch and wait with the meditation. and yesterday you said, it’s time to be more active 24 hours a day. You have to fight, fight, fight, (ie gently at first, passive to begin, and now forceful with determination and one-pointedness, earnestness, you have to be driven. Half-hearted won’t work. It is not a hobby.)

M. Yes. Of course. At the the beginning stage, you do have to remember, ie repeat mantra. Just like this body called lady, Ann. It was accepted totally. I am Ann. I am Ann. (You did not have to keep repeating I am Ann, I am Ann. It is the same, your Master says you are Atman, you are Brahman, you are God until it’s accepted totally. It becomes natural and fully recognized)

Accept the truth. So Master says you are Ultimate Truth, you are Parabrahman, Brahman, Atman, you are God. Till that conviction (is established), you have got to fight.

Q. So. Watch and wait?

M. No, no waiting. It happens (by itself). If you accepted that (you are Ultimate Truth), no question of waiting. Till there is conviction, you have to undergo discipline of meditation. With some people it happens immediately. It takes longer for others, because impressions have not been erased. Some people not so much. Unless these impressions are erased you are not going to know yourself. Everybody have computers, laptops. All these laptops have viruses (ie the mind is the laptop and all minds will have viruses of some kind). Unless these viruses are dissolved totally, it is not going to take (ie Ultimate Reality is not going to be realized).