Meditation & The Power of Observation

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"You do not need
to get rid of resistance.

You do not need to get
rid of negativity, or insecurity.

You do not need to get rid
of thinking or anything at all.

The simple act of observing
what is here,
of consciously accepting
and watching your experience
in this moment
is all that is needed.

Just by observing
your experience in this moment
you transcend it.

You transcend the duality
of good and bad,
right and wrong
and enter into
the essence of this moment
that has no opposite.

You enter into peace
that has no opposite,
silence that has no opposite,
love that has no opposite.

Both war and peace
are contained in this peace.
Both noise and silence
are contained in this silence.

The essence of everything
you love and hate about yourself
is made out of the same bliss.

Like those beautiful ice

It does not matter if the sculptor
makes a demon or an angel,
it is still made of the same water.

It is all made out of the same peace.

And so when you fall into
this essence,
everything that rests in this nondual space
gets healed, gets nurtured,
gets returned not to its opposite
but to its essence.

You realize the essence
of everything is peace.

All of this comes
from simple observation.

By observing what is here
without any involvement
without any control.

Attention is everything.
Awareness is everything.

It is the doorway to
unconditional bliss and freedom.



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