Meditation & The Path of Shakti

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"Shakti is the greatest teacher.

Call it grace, energy, unconditional peace.
It is the subtle energy that you feel
in meditation.

The easiest teaching for meditation
is to surrender to this energy
that you feel.

To give it your complete attention.

You will begin to notice
the things that stop
this flow of energy

and help this flow of energy.

Resistance to this moment
trying to control this moment
or escaping this moment
stops the flow of energy.

While fully allowing yourself
to be present in what is here
increases the flow of energy.

You can play with this
and begin to be able
to allow this energy
to flow without hindrance.

And you do this
by letting go
more and more into stillness.

Whatever arises
you allow it and let it go.

Allow it and let it go.

Neither pulling it towards you
nor pushing it away.

You rest into
a natural state of non-action.
allowing the flow of energy
to take it's course.

And in passive non-action
you reach a point of stillness
where there is the pure
unhindered flow of energy.

Where every cell of existence
radiates bliss.

It is nourishing,
it frees you from the very
idea of yourself
and completes you
all at once.



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