Meditation & The Nature of Attention

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"The very nature of attention
is delight.

Delight is not
a by-product of
it is its very nature.

So whenever
there is pure attention,
there is delight.

Whether your attention is on
watching thoughts come and go,
or on feeling the shakti,
or on a mantra,
or simply resting
in the essence of attention itself,

you feel an all encompassing delight;
you feel yourself as delight.

there are all of the things
that take you out of attention
into inattention.

All of the thoughts and emotions arise
and the tendency
is attraction to some things that arise
and repulsion to others.

Some thought arises that attracts you
and there is the habitual pull
to leave this moment
to identify with that thought.

Or a feeling arises
that you do not wish to feel
and you let go of awareness
in order to avoid it.

Your attention quickly
moves somewhere else
or you have a reaction to that feeling
which also takes you out of awareness.

So there can be the feeling of conflict:
of trying to remain in pure attention
while everything that arises tempts
to pull or push you out of this moment.

Layers upon layers of identification,
and separation from this moment
can seemingly make it feel
like you are going against the current
by being present.

So you have to find a way
to allow that current
to flow through you
while remaining present.

And the beauty of attention
is that it is also purifying.
You purify whatever
you are aware of.

So if a thought arises
that you are pulled to identify with,
yet you remain present and aware
of that thought arising,
then that thought is purified.

The power in that thought
that tried to separate you
from awareness
burns away back into oneness.

And kind of like a video game,
whatever arises in this moment
if you are fully present
and aware of it arising
without identifying with it,
without getting lost in it,

then that which arises
gets purified back
into its natural state of consciousness.

Its manifestation
as something separate
from this moment
burns away back into
its natural state of peace.

If you remain in awareness,
then awareness itself does everything.



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I'm really delighted to read your posts!!!!!

You are Delighted when you are pulled by Magnetic force of Awareness.

I'm always delighted by your posts...they are very as subtle and slow tranquilizer.
It works as balm to wavered thoughts.

bonya basu | Fri, 07/13/2012 - 07:03