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Words are very important to us. We react, understand and fight over them. Propaganda therefore has a hold on us and we willy nilly succumb to the advertising industry. So much so that abstracts like sense of beauty on one hand to eating habits on the other are all influenced to a large degree by this industry.

The necessity therefore of understanding why we give so much importance to words. Words conjure up images in our psyche and we seem to be unaware and unwilling to address this obvious issue. Instead we are fed on a staple diet of more words by our parents, education system and all the rest like politicians and Gurus who want to exploit

Our intelligence invented the language and has gotten trapped in it. Might it be laziness and lethargy that has aided and abetted such a ploy. Instinct or acquired habits and characteristics have their origin in conscious action. A conscious action repeatedly done becomes a habit for example playing a musical instrument Now this arrangement by nature should have worked to our advantage for it frees the conscious mind from routine and boring repetitive activity. Instead it has become a curse as we have not made use of conscious mind. The reason for this is not far to see. Conscious thinking and doing requires effort and energy and due to laziness we shirk this divinely dispensed duty.

Meditation or prayers were meant to employ the faculty of conscious mind as with advancement of civilisation it was possible to go through life with little or no use of this higher faculty. Entertainment and mechanisation are reducing us to mere robots and god forbid like some other organs intelligence should not atrophy in human race.