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Meditation is an important subject and hardly anyone of us has not tried some form of it. One knows it to a lesser or greater degree. There are these innumerable variations apart from some ancient traditional methods handed over to us. How is one to decide what’s best for him? Do we go with the latest fad or by the reputation and the following of the preacher? Do we hop from one to the other, often in the end rather disappointed or having a feeling that one has not tried enough? At best we gain what we call in common parlance an "idea" and come to a dead end taking it to be the destination. The deceptions to which we can fall are equally numerous.

How do we exercise the "Choice" as citizens of a free world or is choice a deception? Is our choice guided by our conditioning or is it a result of our seeking, that which we are striving for. I want to "be enlightened" -- does this propel you to seek and what do we mean by it? Do we go by our "intuitions" whatever that may mean? Do we go about analyzing or weighing pros and cons very carefully before we commit ourselves? If you are finding this tedious then it may be of not much use reading further. For we want Meditation to cover the ground we are standing on before we take the next step.

The ground that I stand on is my daily life with all its complexity, happiness and misery. We want to see the dreams (hopes and aspirations) for what they are wide awake rather than shutting our eyes in a corner of a room. In fact if that too forms part of our routine then it to needs examination through "Observation".

So Observation, Awareness and Wakefulness is the key. We need to collect carefully as much data as is possible only to make sure that without a sufficient amount and gathered in indisputable manner, beyond doubts and accuracy, we must not be quick to interpret or reach premature conclusions. We need to be open and be ready to revise should we find new discoveries. As we begin to throw light on the activities that we hitherto performed with least attention or mechanically, astonishing facts about us are revealed and the discovery is not without its own delight.

Meditation then becomes a journey of self-discovery.