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Rajayoga Power Transcedental (RPT)

*No Dietary Restrictions
*No need to give up one’s social life
*Can do Meditation any time (Except between 11am-2pm)
*Anyone between 15 – 50yrs can take Yogashakthi
*Continue to enjoy your current lifestyle
*Enjoy your meditation
*Empowerment by our Great Master (Mahaguru)

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Your correlation of

Your correlation of kundalini chakras to rainbow colours is fascinating.In rainbow there is a variation of wavelength from red to violet(decrease)and increase in energy.In sadhana the enrgy is taken to sahasrara from mooladhara.The humanbeing is one like the mixed colours of a rainbow resulting into white colour,an indication of satvika.If we want to see the seven colours we need a prism.Like wise guru is a prism to disciple to see the chakras present in human body.

mbnarayana | Sat, 06/04/2011 - 08:47