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Meditation is a state of mind.We meditate to keep our mind in good shape, so that the mind is fit, fresh and alert. It is a means to focus our minds.We tend to live with our mind turned outwards.

We are always extroverted and as a result the mind gets clogged with all kinds of information and details. That's why we are always so stressed out. Meditation is just an exercise to reverse this habit of ours. It teaches us to internalize the mind and watch our own thoughts. Through consistent practice we successfully trim down the frequency of thoughts. The peace we get in meditation is more than what we get in our sleep.

In our mind, thoughts flow so rapidly that they almost overlap each other. So to curb and keep the mind focused we need to give it a single strong thought to contemplate on. This thought should be something that the person has devotion for. Therefore a mantra of the Lord is suitable.

Once the mantra is chosen, a person must chant it in the mind.Gradually, as the mind becomes steady in its focus we may reduce the pitch of the mental chant.

Only a mind that is disburdened from agitations and unencumbered by attachments can be free to apply itself in meditation. Hence, to live a life of healthy dispassion we should learn to forgive ungrudgingly. So, in the seat of meditation, let us feel love and kindness for all, and wish for everyone's welfare.Allow the silence to remain within you.