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coming to your meditation activity , don't think sitting at one place and controlling your mind is meditation. Meditation has stages in it....

1st stage:

You will make up your mind to start the meditation

2nd stage :

You will start realising that your mind is really like a pond lot of ripples (thoughts and ideas) keep coming and going ( some curse this and think that they are not fit for meditation )

3. Third stage:

without your knowledge you went into analysis mode in 2nd stage observing your mind roaming around in thoughts...that is the platform for 3rd stage.

here in this stage you would start eliminating one thought after another, by thinking this is wrong to think while am meditating... so that is the stage when the ripple start setteling

4th stage:

once you start sitting for longer periods, you will realise that you are able to eliminate most of the thoughts, but some are not going away may be because of the current life experiences or because of your past life exp. or because of the environment

That is ok! don't worry about them, start thinking about them and start analysing why they keep coming back is it some dissatisfaction which is causing it or someother reason, try and reason it out and full fill it.

once you have analysed it you will come to a conclusion weather it is good or a bad thought, and is it achieveable or not, and start exp. what if you achieve it and stage next to that.

exp. if you keep on getting a thought of eating an ice cream and you check why it is coming may be because you were never allowed to an ice cream , then think how you can full fill that thought...once you full fill the thought assume you are eating the ice cream and after eating the ice cream you are left with what kind of feeling...once you exp. the feeling which comes after eating the icecream and start removing the desire of having the icecream thinking this is not so great feeling( which comes after eating ice cream)then you can get detached from that.

So once you start exp. this stage of exp. the after feelings and leaving the desire itself, you will start entering the 5th stage

5th stage:

NO desire, complete vaccume, complete calmness.....don't think anything forcebly about god or guru or anything at all ..

Once this calmness, has occupied your mind...there will not be any thoughts..and that stillness will remind you of a still pond! and then you start exp. the real godly ness

God or the energy!

Experiences will not be the same for don't listen to anyone and don't start thinking why u r not getting that kind of experience...

this exp. and energy will lead to next levels and stages where it will take you to the real GOD what you are looking for.



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Excellent guide

I would also add a preliminary stage in which you process your mind's resistance to meditation. Just to observe the mind's state of horror of the very idea to meditate and the learned excuses it raises for not meditating.

solo | Wed, 07/01/2009 - 08:51
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It was real good value add

Dear God's soul,

I believe God added this preliminary phase in your words...and i am really happy to see God's reaction...

As i believe he is sitting in every soul of this all worlds..

Thank you my devine soul



Meherwan | Wed, 07/01/2009 - 12:17