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the meditation procedure adopted by me is called bhriktha rahitha tharaka rajayoga.Master c.v.v promised that hewould get rid of the samskaras of previous births of a sadhaka if the sadhaka surrenders him self totally to master c.v.v.To achieve this the devotee has to sit in his house ie.(prayer room),and say the prayer three times and close eyes gently.Concentration of mind is not your concern. It would be looked after by the master.It is enough if you look in to your-self and observe what happens.Keeping masters portrait before us and keeping burnt agar bathi sticks beside the portrait.The time set for the prayer is 6 am&pm daily.My experience is that,soon after I start prayer horriplation starting from head to lower part takes place and my body gets shaken.what my experience is that the soul of my master starts working in side me.This is my experience in this era of science