Meditaion is not the means ,to go beyond the mind

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All types of mediation which are physical based are theories. Mediation is not the means to self realization or to acquire wisdom.

The physical based meditation is trying to imitate non dual nature of the self,in order to get peace. But its results are temporary. When one finishes his meditation he is back to experience duality.

Going beyond all theories and realizing the fact that mind is not the self, but invisible substence of the mind is, the true self, which is formless and non dual spirit.

Meditation is helpful to overcome the stress of worldly life.But it is not the tool to go beyond the mind.

By realizing the non dual spirit as self, the mind enters consciously into the meditative non dual nature and becomes one with it.Thus true meditation is not indulging in physical based theoretical meditation, but consciously entering the non dual meditative nature of the self.

Thus truth seeking is nothing to do with theories or meditation. But to acquire wisdom and enter the meditative nature of the self consciously.

The people who tries to search the truth with their physical eyes, will remain stagnant with their meditation practices, and will not be able to go beyond the experince of duality or mind.

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It's so untrue

This is so sad, you are deceiving yourself and others in the most crucial point. Meditation is the ONLY thing that can take you beyond the mind.

Your mind plays tricks on you. The intellectual inquiries will take you nowhere, they are the favorite toy of the mind. Observe your mind and see by yourself how gratified it is when you do these useless text-based thinking-based formation of theories.

Probably, you are just terrified of meditation as many of us. You are terrified of not doing, of no mind activity, of being bored to death. You are addicted to mind texts. See and be honest with yourself.

barbara | Wed, 07/23/2008 - 06:34