the Media's masses

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for thousands of years
the only original thinking
is the one Insiders need
to better exploit, poison and abuse
their mindless-masses.
-- O'no
the Media's control of its mindless-masses is a very simple story about the brain's one-way street:
when the brain develops it can adapt to do anything imaginable.
When one part of the brain is not used for something then it adapts to do something else. This adaptation is a one-way street. Once the brain adapts to do something it cannot un-adapt to do what it would have originally done.
Example: if the part of a developing brain that is normally used for sight is NOT used for sight then it will adapt to do something else, AND, once it has adapted it will never be able to un-adapt to be used for sight. (Once the part of the brain used for sight adapts to do something else then no matter how well the eye works the brain will be blind to any information the perfectly good eye gives it. So too with all the brains other activities.)
The developing brain adapts to logic and reasoning likewise.
The brain can thus adapt to either WHAT TO THINK or HOW TO THINK – but once it adapts to one it is permanently wired so it cannot get rewired for the other.
If a child is not allowed to develop the ability to think for itself then its adult brain will be literally unable to think for itself. Its brain will develop, be-wired, into a What-to-think brain. A Brain that is NOT wired for “how to think” is a What-to-think brain. And all good products of academics -- like doctors, lawyers and especially preachers and politicians -- get diplomas ONLY if their brain is wired What-to-think.
The what-to-think brain, WTT, is wired to “what-to-think” ... so the best a WTT brain can do with its “thinking” is to shovel metaphorical garbage from one pile onto another that better explains what it must think.
A What-to-think brain is NOT wired to ask questions about things it cannot think about, and then some: a what-to-think brain is wired so that it mindlessly/Pavlovly gets combined feelings of anger, stress, anxiety, misery, shame, guilt and grief should it think about the things it cannot think about. Like the feelings of stress, guilt a preacher's-brain would mindlessly get should it think about god being the backside of the devil. Indeed: Any brain that *Pavlovly /mindlessly gets fears/anxiety/stress from thinking ... about anything... is a mindless what-to-think brain. A WTT brain can no more think about what it is wired NOT to think than Pavlov's dogs could think about why they salivate to a bell.
And by far the worst WHAT-TO-THINK culprit is Science – if science taught kids HOW-TO-THINK instead of using LAWS, Rules and FORMULAS that control WHAT-TO-THINK... then there would be no “science” ... and all its Black Holes and >99% Hidden Universes would vanish with it.
Exactly like religions, education, parents, legal system, Medicine and ESPECIALLY SCIENCE – they all wire kids brains to WHAT-TO-THINK – never ever: HOW to think.

=-= ....
WTT: Any brain that Pavlovly /mindlessly gets anger/fears/anxiety/stress, guilt and shame from any type of thinking is a mindless what-to-think brain .... the exact same anxiety that science mindlessly calls anxiety-disorder of Depersonalization and Derealization that without anxiety is Spirituality's Realization: SELF-realization.

Pavlovly: Mindlessly: with no more need for a brain than a dog needs to salivate to the sound of a bell, chase the wheels of a car, or to bark up a tree.
a what-to-think brain
is wired for a wild goose chase
that finds what to think
better and better.

a How-to-think brain
is Realization
that society's science mindlessly calls Derealization.
-- O'no